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Can a full moon cause women to go into labor?


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March 23, 2008 3:47AM

Yes, this is true. Last year I saw on "The Discovery Channel" a special episode that talked about women going into labor during full moon. Because I had just turned 9 months and was tired of being pregnant in the long Texas (hot) summer. I decided to test out the theory. I contacted the local tv station and asked when was the next full moon. The weather man advised me it would be tonight Sept. 09, I went outside and stood full view of the moon for nearly an hour. I even got out thel lawn chairs and laid out. Sure enough the next morning, I was at the hospital having my baby. The RN Nurse says they have more pregnant women come in during a full moon. I told her about what I saw on the "Discovery Channel" she couldn't say for sure but I'm sticking with the Moon. Every once in a while I'll walk outside and tell the moon thanks. Full Moon Rocks!