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Q: Can a girl be complete naked during sexual intercourse in Islam?
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Is sexual role play allowed in marriage in Islam?

Yes it preceeds sexual intercourse otherwise sexual intercourse should be avoided.

Is it a sin to be in a relationship in Islam?

If you sexual relationship, then yes. It is a sin in Islam to have sexual (oral and/or intercourse sex) relationship outside licit marriage.

What Islam says about sexual relation with wife from her back?

It is strictly forbidden in Islam for husband to perform intercourse with his wife from her back (i.e. inserting the penis in her anus). Also forbidden to perform intercourse with her during her menstruation (period).see related question below for more information.

Is it allowed in Islam to practice intercourse within marriage in a fully lightened room and with wife and husband fully naked?

Nothing in Islam teachings prohibits wife and husband who are licitly married to have sexual intercourse while fully nude and in a lightened room so far privately and to the satisfaction, acceptance, and enjoyment of both wife and husband. Husband and wife can do sexual intercourse in any style and manner including oral sex. Only sex with other than your licit partner is not allowed. Secondly anal sex is prohibited in Islam as well as sexual intercourse during wife menstruation.

Is sexual intercourse allowed in Islam?

If it wasn't allowed, the religion would die out due to a lack of people...

Can you date in Islam?

No It is forbidden and sinful; per Islam teachings; to practice any sexual acts (oral or intercourse sex) outside licit marriage

Can Islam permits man and women to perform intercourse during pregnancy?

Yes it does.

Is use of light allowed during intercourse in Islam?

It is allowed up to the preference of wife and husband.

Does Islam allowed mammary intercourse?

Intercourse with mammary animals is strictly forbidden in Islam. Also, anal sex (inserting the penis in wife's anus) is not allowed in Islam.

Can Muslim women and men be boyfriend and girlfriend?

All kinds of sexual relationships (oral or intercourse) outside marriage is prohibited in Islam. Accordingly, friendship is allowed among Muslim women and men if avoiding any sexual events (sexual excitements, sexual talks, oral sex, intercourse, ... etc.). One of the ways to avoid violating this Islam rule is to avoid being alone; as a woman and a man; in private isolated places and be together only in groups and in public open areas that not encouraging sexual acts.

What is the method of suhagrat in Islam?

well Muslims don't call it suhagrath, its the same i think its no hiding matter every couple do have sexual intercourse on their first night.

Is men allowed to discharge on the woman body in Islam?

Nothing; per Islam religion rules; explicitly allows or forbids discharging on the woman body during intercourse sex process. Generally all kinds of sex (oral or intercourse sex) are allowed between husband and wife who are licitly married per Islam religion rules; on the following conditions:Anal sex is forbiddensex during wife menstruation (monthly period) is forbiddenAll sexual acts and positions should be to pleasure, satisfaction, acceptance of both husband and wife.

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