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No, semen is just the transporter fluid, it's the sperm that gets you pregnant.


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Yes, there can be semen in precome, and it only takes one sperm to get a girl pregnant.

The only way for a girl to become pregnant is for sperm/semen to come in contact with her vaginal area.

You can't get pregnant from semen in the mouth. You can only get pregnant from sperm in the vagina.

Yes- that is in fact the primary way in which you get pregnant. Semen is all you need... It only takes one sperm to ferilize an egg. ---------- Well, you do need an egg to be fertilised by the sperm in the semen. If there is no egg or if there are no sperm in the semen then you won't get pregnant.

No, you cannot get pregnant from your own sperm in fact only guys produce semen and they can't get pregnant.

A girl will only become pregnant if the sperm enters the body through the vagina. If the sperm enter the body orally, there is no way it can enter the vagina, therefore no way she can beome pregnant.

You can only get pregnant if semen/sperm have entered your vagina.

Semen has sperm in it. If and only if the male has had a SUCCESSFUL vasectomy THEN the semen will not make a woman pregnant.

A penis is the only place where semen (that contains sperm) comes out. Fingers are not penises; fingers cannot produce or ejaculate semen. Therefore, no, fingering does not get a girl pregnant.

In order for a girl to be able to get pregnant, sperm/semen needs to be involved. This only comes from the penis, so only if you introduce semen to the vagina, is there a chance that pregnancy can occur

Girls don't have semen. Only males carry semen and sperm.

No, she can only become pregnant if your sperm from your semen comes in contact with her vagina. Basically putting your boy-part into her girl-part......

The ONLY way to get pregnant is if sperm meets egg. That's the only way. No sperm/semen, no pregnancy. Fingering yourself or being fingered does not cause pregnancy without semen being put into the vagina.

First of all. Only girls are able to get pregnant. Second of all. If your a girl and you can ejaculate go see your doctor. There is a such thing as girls squirting but I myself have never seen a girl ejaculate semen. So no. You cant get pregnant by your own sperm because you either are a man and you cant get pregnant or your a woman and cannot produce sperm

It's not so much the thickness of the semen, but the number of sperm within the semen. Only a doctor can determine that.

Semen is sperm, and all it needs to do to get a girl pregnant is be fresh and be introduced to the vagina. So yes. changes are just as much as if you would have ejaculated in the vagina. There are millions and millions of sperm a droplet of sperm and there only needs to be one to fertilize and egg and get a girl pregnant.

It only takes one sperm to knock you up

Absolutely, it only takes one sperm to do the job

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

No, a girl can only get pregnant by sperm entering her vagina, not her stomach.

No, a female can only get pregnant if semen enters her vagina.

Nope, only LIVE semen can get a girl pregnant. Dry semen isn't LIVE semen.

It's PossibleYes, a girl can become pregnant if only a little sperm is ejaculated.

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