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Without vaginal contact than it would be impossible for a girl to be pregnant from the penis being rubbed on the abdomen. so the answer is no

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βˆ™ 2009-12-03 17:42:14
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Q: Can a girl be pregnant if boy rub with his penis on the girls abdomen?
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Can girl pregnant if boy insert his penis in girls hip?


What will happen when you insert your penis in a girls vagina?

penis will enjoy a lot and girl may get pregnant

If a boy rubs his penis on a girls underwear and eject sperms on the underwear will the girl get pregnant?


If girl eat penis then is there any risk of pregnancy?

of course not, every one knows girls get pregnant by kissing the penis, not eating

Can a girl become pregnant if she smooch her bf for the first time?

No. You can't get pregnant from the mouth. A girl can only get pregnant if the boys sperm from his penis goes inside the girls vagina when they have sex

Can a girl be pregnant just by kissing and hugging kissing all over the body except inserting his penis to the girls vagina?

no a girl cant get pregnant by kissing or hugging

Where to put penis to get a girl pregnant?

there is a hole down below your clitoris and above your but that is where you put your penis to get a girl pregnant

Is it natural for a girl to have a penis?

You may be confused. Girls do not have a penis.

Your penis size is 12cm its ok for doin a girl pregnant?

If you have semen you can get a girl pregnant.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you have intercourse with her but your penis is not hard?

Yes you can get a girl pregnant..if seamen comes out of your penis and into her vagina it can travel up inside her and impregnate her.

Do a girl become pregnant if a boy put his penis into her hip?

No,a girl can only get pregnant if the boys penis is inserted into her vagina and the sperm goes through it:)

Can a girl get pregnant by a girl when on period and still have clothes on?

I don't get it, but girls can't get girls pregnant, fullstop.

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