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My girlfriend freaked out one night after I touched my penis then the inside of her vagina. I was not worried at first, and she had a normal period. Then she told me its possible to have a normal period and still be pregnant. Now its eating at me. She has a headache which may only be due to illness, but she also had minial leaking from one of her breasts. I don't want to ask her to take A HPT and let her know how worried I am. I think I'm being irrational with my worrying, but if anyone can offer some reassurance I would feel much better.

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If you use birth control pills the day after preejaculation can you get pregnant?

Yes, you need to get the 'morning after pill'. Your normal birth control pill does not substitute for this.

Your bf touched you a week before your period and then you got it on time but then now you are late with your period could you be pregnant?

No. Whenever you are at risk because of activity, you are only at risk for that menstrual cycle. If your boyfriend touched you and you had a normal period, then you are not pregnant. If he touched you after that and now you're late, I'd raise an eyebrow, but I wouldn't worry.

Is it normal to be 8month's pregnant and not showing?

Yes it is normal pregnant and showing

Does normal discharge mean you are not pregnant?

If you have normal menstruation you cannot be pregnant.

What happens if you ejaculate inside her while she is pregnant?

Nothing. Conception has already occured. Consult with her/your doctor, but in normal, healthy adults, sex while pregnant is not harmful or dangerous.

Do you get pregnant if the penis goes inside your vagina like a little bit not all the way can this still cause pregnancy?

no. have normal sex like a normal person loser!!!

Can you be pregnant if your having cramps after period?

If you have a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant

Could you still be pregnant if pre-ejaculate fluid touched the outside of your vagina but you had a normal period a few days later?

I know this girl that had her period like normal for 3months and then she stopped have her period and she was pregant and she was going on her 4th month.

In what stage will a pregnant woman feel normal?

So far I don't think there is a time that a pregnant woman actually feels 'normal' our bodies are consitently changing and adapting to the new person growing inside us. So I think you don't quite feel 'normal' until after the baby is born.

Is it normal for pregnant bulldog to leak urine?

It is sometimes normal if they have been pregnant for a while.

Could there still be a chance of being pregnant if he ejaculated inside you during ovulation and than later that month you got your normal period?

yes, I had 3 periods while i was first pregnant

Is it normal for a woman to not like her breasts to be touched or sucked?


Is it normal to hear your own heartbeat in your ears while pregnant?

Yes, dont forget theres 2 heartbeats inside of you now!

Is it normal to be 20 and pregnant?

well if i must say i think that a good age to be pregnant is 20- 40yrs so i guess saying it normal to be 20 and pregnant is NORMAL

If you think you maybe pregnant and you have the normal symptoms but have a bleed four days before your period is due is it likely you are pregnant?

if you do bleed from your uterus, anything inside will be flushed out. this only happens if the egg is not fertilized. therefore if you do bleed and think you are pregnant, you are not.

My normal period came could i still be pregnant?

It is extremely unlikely you are pregnant if you had a normal period. Missing a period is how you suspect you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you had a normal period?

It's unlikely that you're pregnant if you get your period and it's normal.

Is cramping normal at 7 weeks pregnant?

i am seven weeks pregnant and i have cramping everyday is it normal

Is it normal to start dialating at 36 weeks pregnant?

Is it normal to dialate at 36 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant and spotting is this normal?

8 weeks pregnant and spotting after sex is this normal

Have you touched a random persons breast before?

No...But its normal go ahead

Is it normal for a teenager to be pregnant?

Unfortunetly the number of teenager's getting pregnant are higher now then they used to be, but no, it is not normal

Is it normal to have your period when your pregnant?

Some women do have some light bleeding when they are pregnant so that is perfectly normal.

Is it normal to have your full period when pregnant?

No it is not normal to have your period while pregnant. I have heard of some small spotting while pregnant but if you have your full period while you think you are pregnant, you thought wrong. You would not be pregnant.

Does it mean in pregnant if I'm on your period with no cramps?

Yes.Answer 2:If you are having a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant.