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  1. if the girl has mestruation..pregnancy is occur..but a girl do not menstruate yet..she dont have egg cell so the pregnancy is not occur,,
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2011-09-17 06:23:09
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Q: Can a girl can get pregnant if the reproductive organs get touched?
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Can a baby pregnant a baby girl?

No. Babies do not have mature reproductive organs.

How can a girl became a boy?

Surgery to get male reproductive organs and such.

Can a male to female transsexual get a girl pregnant?

Yes, they usually can before their surgery. A postop/former TS woman will not be able to get another woman pregnant since she lacks male reproductive organs.

How do you tell if your dwarf gourami is a boy or a girl?

by looking at their reproductive organs

Is a flower a girl or a boy?

the flower actually has both reproductive organs

What makes a man a man and a girl a girl?

Male and female are traditionally decided by their reproductive organs.

What changes in the reproductive organs during puberty allow a boy or girl to procreate?


Can I get a girl pregnant if I had pre-ejaculate on my finger and touched her after I wiped it off?


Can a girl get pregnant 1 to 10?

Assuming you mean ages 1-10...a girl can get pregnant once puberty hits and her reproductive organs start working, as in, once her ovaries start releasing eggs. Generally this happens anywhere between 10-13, it all depends on the girl, it's different for everyone.

Who is Thomas Beatie?

Thomas Beatie is a man who went through a sex change and kept his female reproductive organs. He gave birth to a baby girl this year and is now pregnant with his second child.

How do you tell a slug from boy to girl?

Slugs are hermaphrodites, they have both female and male reproductive organs.

How can you tell if a slug is a girl or a boy?

Slugs are hermaphrodites, they have both female and male reproductive organs. why?

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