Can a girl get pregnancy symptoms as early as 3 - 4 days after unprotected intercourse?


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no, most teenage girls, like yourself, want to be pregnant and since they want to be pregnant, it makes your mind make you think you are pregnant. You do not get pregnancy symptoms until the earliest of 3 weeks. And that is just blue veins leading to your chest. So no, you definatly can not get symptoms after 3 or 4 days.

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It is too early to be having symptoms of pregnancy, but if you had unprotected sex then wait until your period is due and do a pregnancy test!

It would be too early to be having pregnancy symptoms. The earliest you would get pregnancy symptoms is 2 weeks after sex

No. That early you are not even pregnant yet.

It's rare this early but some can. Just remember that many pregnancy symptoms are also the same as when you get your period.

you can have pregnancy symptoms as early as 3 weeks!

I had sex 4 times yesterday and twice today all unprotected. I'm having stomach pains and tightening, sore breats, fatigue, nausea, back pain and head ache. Please help!

The most simple way to detect early pregnancy symptoms is through the menstrual cycle. If a women misses her menstrual cycle then she may have early pregnancy symptoms.

This early there are no symptoms.

Any time you have unprotected sex, there is a risk of pregnancy. Go see a doctor for a proper test.

you take a pregnancy test after a missed period or a late period after unprotected intercourse taking a test too early will show your not pregnant it says no i would take one a week later to make sure.

The cause of pregnancy is intercourse but that is probably not what you mean. Rephrase the question.

Pregnancy at any age is caused by sexual intercourse.

Early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are spotting that does not go away, and pain on the side where the ectopic is. However, these symptoms mimick normal pregnancy symptoms. It is difficult to diagnose an ectopic any earlier than 4 weeks.

You will notice symptoms one to two weeks after conception (conception usually occurs 5-7 days after intercourse). Remember though, not everyone shows ALL symptoms of pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms do not start as early as the fourth day after conception. If a couple is trying to conceive or a woman is worried about getting pregnant pseudo pregnancy symptoms can occur at anytime.

Yes some people do experience this in their pregnancy.

symptoms of early pregnancy

It's different for everyone, but roughly 10 days after

"Morning sickness" and tender breasts are two classic early symptoms of pregnancy. It can be a possiblity. But, you can not be completely sure unless checked or you miss your next period. Symptoms of pregnancy, are also the same symptoms women can get from just having their period as they are a sign of PMS.

Usually sonograms are not done until 8 weeks of pregnancy. Did you do the home test or blood test? If you are still concerned, ask your doctor for a blood pregnancy test.

Some women report having symptoms this early.

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