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There is always a possibility of some the mans sperm escaping before orgasm. pregnancy do occur this way.

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Can a girl get pregnant if the guy pulls out before he cums inside the girl?

Yes. There's always some leakage of seminal fluid before the orgasm. Seminal fluid contains semen.

When a guy cums in you and girl releases his semen after can she still get pregnant?

Yes you can. There will still be plenty of sperm inside.

What happens if a guy pre-cums and pulls out?

The girl gets pregnant and another idiot is born.

If you have sperm on your hands and them wipe them off can you finger a girl without getting her pregnant?

if a guy cums on his hands then wipes if off with a towel and then fingers the girl like 10 minutes later can she get pregnant?

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy cums on his hand then fingers her?

well yes she can even if a little bit of sperm goes on her butt

Can a girl get pregnant if she climaxes before he does?

yes if you have unprotected sex and the guy ejectulates into the girl she can get pregnant her climaxing before the guy does not stop pregnancy just like if the girl is on top she can still get pregnant if she does not want to get pregnant there are condoms use them

Can a girl who has not stated her period get pregnant?

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant before beginning to menstruate. Any time a girl has sex,she can potentially get pregnant.

A girl can get pregnant before she has her FIRST periods?

if your question is "can a girl get pregnant before her first period", then, unless in a very unusual case, no, they cannot.

What should a girl do when a guy cums in her?

A girl should pee right after sex to rinse the sperm out.

Can a girl get pregnant one day before her period?

A girl can get pregnant any day if she's not using protection.

Can a girl get pregnant 2 days before she starts menses?

If menses, means menstrating, then yes a girl can get pregnant.

If a guy cums in a condom and half hour later has sex can a girl become pregnant?

yes sadly she can get pregnant. unless you want that then its a good thing but ur gonna have less of a chance cause ur precum which has the most semen is gone

If a girl never got there period before can they be pregnant?

that obviosly depends on if the girl "did it"

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy pulls out and cums on your stomach then he puts his penis back in side of you after?

YES! When the guy cums not all the sperm leaves the penis. Some is still in the urethra and some is still on the outer skin. All it takes is one little swimmer to enter the vagina or end up on the labia.

Can a bot get a girl pregnant before puberty?

no, a boy cannot get a girl pregnant before puberty. for fertilisation to happen, bi=oth the eggs as well as the sperm have to be fertile and mature.

Can a girl gets pregnant if a guy comes before a girl?

If a guy comes inside the girl, she can get pregnant no matter what, except if they are using contraception [condoms, etc.]

Can a girl get pregnant if the boy had semen on his hands but washed them with soap before fingering her?

It is not likely that the girl will get pregnant if the guy washed his hands before he fingered the girl. IF you clean all the semen off, then you will probably be okay.

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