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Under such circumstances, using a new condom is recommended. If the condom was not removed, it's still not likely, but it's best to check for seepage. If there's any indication that sperm has leaked out, throw away the used condom and put a new one on.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if the guy uses a condom then they stop and he pulls out and his penis gets soft while the condom is still on then he gets hard again and they have sex with the same condom?
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Can you get pregnant if his penis is inside and then before coming he pulls out to wear at condom?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex without a condom, because the pre-ejaculate fluid can contain sperm.

What are the chances if the condom not broken and pulls out?

You can get pregnant if the condom isn't used properly.

Can you get pregnant if the guy pulls out and puts a condom on then goes back in?


Can you become pregnant if he ejaculates in the condom and pulls out afterwards but it was seeping out of the condom?

yes. its not likely, but it's possible. ==Yes== You definitely can get pregnant like that!

Chances of getting pregnant if he pulls out?

If any sperm is inside your vagina you may get pregnant, if he pulls out in time you are safe, but you can still get STDs. USE A CONDOM!

Can you get pregnant on the day your period is going to start but the guy wears a condom and pulls it out when he ejaculated and you see the semen filling the tip of the condom?

NO, stupid

If you do not use a condom but the male pulls out before ejaculating what is the chance you could be pregnant?

you cant get pregnant because he did not bust a nut in his pussy!

What are the chances of getting pregnant if during sex the male pulls out then cums and wipes his penis and then you have sex again?

The chances are fairly high as the sperm would still be alive on his penis. You can also get pregnant from the withdrawel method as there is "premo" which is sperm that comes out of the penis during sex BEFORE ejaculation.

How do you take out a condom from vagina after sex?

The condom should not stay in the girl after sex, it should be pulled out with the penis - when you're done having sex, the boy reaches down and holds the condom on his penis while he pulls out - this way it doesn't spill and maybe get her pregnant. If the condom is too loose try getting a slightly smaller size - it should be snug, like a glove. Length doesn't matter - condoms are made to be long enough - but width does matter.

Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out but rubs the sperm all over his penis and goes right back in?

Yes, because the sprem is on the penis and its still alive which still can get you pregnant

What are the chances that you are pregnant if your boyfriend put his penis in and go for a little bit but then pulls out and puts a condom on?

i believe there is a very good chance. there is a thing called precum. so to be on the safe side have him put a condem on before hand

The foreskin on your penis pulls back 2 far and hurts when you put a condom on why is this?

You may want to try applying some lubrication to the glans (head) of your penis and your foreskin before putting a condom on. If you continue to experience pain, you should see a doctor.

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