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Yes you van still get pregnant the hymen is always torn how do you think the menstrual flow comes out there are tiny holes in the hymen and if someone comes on your vagina sperm travel and will travel right up your vagina and if your unlucky enough a pregnancy will form

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Can you still get pregnant if you didn't have a hymen?

Your hymen has nothing to do with getting pregnant. If you have sex and the semen goes into your vagina, you can get pregnant. That's how it happens.

Is it possible to get pregnant without hymen breaken and semen was ejaculated on the vagina and it was the first time?

The hymen must break and the semen must get into the open vagina to make the lady pregnant. Even if it is the first time.

can you see or fell your hymen?

Yes, you can see and feel your hymen. The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to your vagina, thus you can look at your vulva in a mirror to see your hymen and you can feel your hymen just by feeling around the opening to the vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant when boy has just broken hymen but not enter in deep?

A girl gets pregnant by having semen in her vagina. Breaking the hymen can be done by just your fingers, and can a finger really get you pregnant?(;

Do you have to break something inside your vagina to get pregnant?

No, I think you are referring to the hymen which breaks when you have sex the first time, if you still have it by then. The hymen is irrelevant for pregnancy.

Is it bad if your hymen is ruptured?

If you have had intercourse then your hymen (a skin inside the vagina) has been broken and yes, once this happens you stand a high rate of getting pregnant.

If the hymen is blocking the vagina how do women menstruate?

The hymen only partially covers the opening of the vagina.

How many inches hymen?

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. The hymen thus is not inside the vagina in inches, it is just at the very opening of the vagina.

Does a girl gets pregnant when her seal is not broken but sperm are on outer part of vagina?

For someone to get pregnant the sperm has to come inside so if that didn't happen, no you can not be pregnant. The hymen does not protect you from getting sperm in though since you can still be a virgin if he had fingers inside of you and they had sperm on them.

Does pushing a vagina with pillow until pleasure breaks hymen?

Noooooo....something has to be inserted into the vagina for the hymen to be ruptured.

Where is the hymen located?

The Hymen is Located Rite below the entrance of the vagina.

Where is the location of hymen?

The hymen is a membrane that covers the vagina in a virgin only.

What does come out of hymen other then period?

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina, nothing comes out of the hymen - it comes out of the vagia, past the hymen. What comes out of your vagina can be menstrual flow, discharge, and of course a baby.

Can doctor tell how long already girl hymen break?

no a hymen can break so easily they cant tell, they can tell if you recently had sex though by how rough your vagina looks No, no one can tell when you had sex based on how the vagina looks.

After breaking hymen by fingering does the vagina gets loose?

The vagina stretches so no. The hymen is just many little folds of tissue around the opening of the vagina. They don't cover all of it. The vaginal canal on the other side remains the same size.

Is it possible to have no hymen?

Yes, it is completely possible to not have a hymen.Some girls are born without a hymen at all, some girls may be born with a hymen that covers more of the vagina than usual and the doctor may choose to remove the hymen with sugary. Some women are born without a vagina so will not have a hymen, even if a vagina is constructed a hymen won't be included as the hymen has no function so no need for one to be created with surgery.

What is the nature of the hymen?

The nature of the hymen is a mucous membrane that cover entrance to vagina.

Can you have a hymen after a complete hysterectomy?

As ahysterectomy does not affect the vagina where the hymen is situated then yes.

What is the hymen in males?

Males do not have a hymen. Theoretically, you can say that the male's foreskin is their hymen equivalent, as it serves the same purpose for the penis as a hymen does for the vagina.

How do you rupture hymen?

Hymen can be ruptured by inserting objects into the vagina. also riding horses may cause hymen to break.

Is the hymen way down in your vagina?

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina - not all women have a hymen, and in most women the hymen doesn't cover much of the vaginal opening and is flexible to stretch to allow penetration. If you were to look at the vulva you could easily see the hymen at the vaginal opening.

What does a girls vagina look like after her hymen is broken?

The hymen is on the inside, not the outside, so there is no "look" to the vagina. Nothing that you or anyone else can see changes.

What does the hymen cover?

The hymen doesn't really cover anything, the hymen is the tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina. In some rare cases females can be born without an opening to the vagina, if this occurs then a doctor would make a surgical cut to open the hymen.

Can a virgin girl get pregnant if a sperm touches her hymen?

Yes, sperm lives for 3 days and they will swim the hold way if they get close to the vagina.

Does pushing something into the ass losses virginity or break the hymen?

Insertion of anything in the ass will not lose virginity of the vagina. The hymen in the vagina (no Hymen in the ass) "could" break if the item inserted in the ass is very large.

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