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Technically, it is possible. It only takes ONE sperm to fertilize an egg, so, IF she is ovulating, meaning her vaginal environment is a less acidic environment to your sperm, AND if your little guys are especially hearty, meaning strong enough to make the swim after you tried to kill them off with the paper towel, then there is a VERY slight possibilty of pregnancy. Hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 01:50:13
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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if you ejaculated on your hand and then dried your hands off with toilet paper and then fingered a girl?
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Can sperm be washed off a toilet seat cause you ejaculated on the toilet seat and washed it with soap and water and dried it but if your toilet m.y is wooden and some could get into cracks on the seat?

It is not a problem, don't worry about it. Any small amount that might possibly have got into a crack will quickly die and dry up. Even if it was fresh and a female were to come into contact with it, she can not get pregnant from it.

If a guy had a bit of semen on his hand's then rinsed them in salt water then dried them and like 10secs later fingered a girl could she get pregnant?

No because he has already washed away the sperm and dried it meaning it is now dead.

Can you get pregnant from 'dried semen'?


Can-toilet-paper-support-a person?

No it cant maybe a mass production of toilet paper then strained and dried of a while maybe but no toilet paper would fail to support a person

Is safe to eat dried fish when pregnant?

is it good dried fish when eat during prgancy

Do the Amish use toilet paper?

They primarily use dried corn cobs.

Your bf ejaculated and rubbed it into his chest and it dried 10 minutes later he put his penis inside you for a about 2 minutes but didnt ejacualte what are the chances of being pregnant?

Hello there - There is a possibility precum or left over ejaculatory sperm was on his penis - because of this there is a small risk of pregnancy.

Can you eat dried shrimps while pregnant?

pregnant women can eat dry prawns

Is it safe to consume semen a week after it has been ejaculated?

only if it has been freez dried, or vacume packed if it leaks out you may use it as a glaze for cake. ;)

If there is dried sperm on your finger and you touch the outside of your vagina can you get pregnant?


If you pre-ejaculated on your girlfriend's fingers and a little bit later she fingered herself what are the chances of her being pregnant?

the chances are low, as sperm stays alive inside a woman for 3-5 days, but as soon as they hit any form of air, they will die. so the chances are very low... again with the air line...not true...people can get pregnant through on top of clothes activity...its not likely but not impossible...the semen has a lot of air contact that way and it still lives...and think about in vitro...he has to leave his specimen in a cup...that is exposed to air...does it make sense that air does not kill can only kill it if it is completely dried up

If pre-ejaculate landed on your hand and it dried up and you put your hand on your vagina will you get pregnant?

Dried semen=dead sperms so no.

Can pregnant women eat dried fruit?

Hi there dried fruits are very good for pregnant women it is loaded with calcium , iron , potassium basically all essential vitamin's and minerals, which is good for you and for your baby. I am 22 weeks pregnant and i eat lots of dried dates , apricot, figs .my doctor told me to eat every day specially at 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Can you eat dried salted fish while pregnant?

Eah evrything u. An eat

If you use alcohol on you're hands and you've touch a semen and it dried over your hands after you wipe off with tissue and you touch the girls vagina could she get pregnant?

its dead u bell end coz its dried so no u cant get her pregnant

Can dried up sperm get someone pregnant?

I don't think so, since they are no longer mobile or viable. Dried up semen is, however, a biohazard and should not be played with.

Are you pregnant if you dried your penis and then stuck it in your girlfriend 20 minutes later?

If you are pregnant, that will be news. Can she be pregnant? Possible. There are still going to be sperm in the penis. It only take 1 to do the job. Is it likely? No, Possible? Yes.

Can you get pregnant from dried sperm on you under ware?

NO u can not get pragnant from dry sperm cause the sperm will be dead

How can you tell if the stain in your underwear is a period stain?

It looks like dried blood so it is generally a very dark red or brownish color. Also, when you wipe there should be blood (either dark and dried, fresh and bright, or both) on the toilet paper.

If my girlfriend dried her hands off from my semen and then she touched the top of her vagina with her hand on the day that she started her period can she be pregnant?


What is the different between dried food and freeze dried food?

Dried Food can be dried in the sun or dried by machines. Freeze -Dried Food is dried by refridgerators.

Is Cecily Tynan pregnant with third child?

No, Cecily Tynan is not pregnant again. She said she wasn't gonna have any more babies.

What age can female cats be de-sexed after being pregnant?

If a cat has already been pregnant and had kittens, you need to wait till her milk has fully dried up before you can have her fixed. And thus, if she has already been pregnant, she is old enough for the operation.

Does HIV die with contact to oxygen?

Yes, as soon as the HIV virus is exposed to air it dies. So dried blood and dried semen is quite safe. There is no chance of catching anything from a dry toilet seat (or even a wet one, as the virus has to get into your bloodstream, and it won't do that by sitting on it!)

If the condom was rey used but did not com the first time and then used it the next day could you be pregnant?

yes you could be pregnant and no, you cant let someone use a dried out condom. that's just suspect.