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A girl can get pregnant on any day of her 28-day cycle, even on her period.

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Can a girl get pregnant one day before her period?

A girl can get pregnant any day if she's not using protection.

What day can't a girl get pregnant?

as long as you have your period...there isn't a day when you cant get pregnant

How soon can a girl get pregnant after her first day on her period?

A girl can get pregnant on any day of the year. Does not matter if you're on your period, right before, or after. There is ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy!!

If16 years girl by boy she is going to be pregnant?

if you have sex with a 16yo boy and you are a 16yo girl of course you risk getting pregnant. 16yo get pregnant every day.

Is there Woman who have gotten pregnant after a tubal ligation?

my sister got pregnant after a tubal it was almost 7 years to the day she had three boys crazy thing is she had a girl with this tubal failure so she was blessed

Can a girl get pregnant when they have their period?

yes a girl can get pregnant when she has her period...thats how majority of persons who cannot conceive succeed by having sex on their "day" .

What is the best time to get a girl pregnant?

The day before she ovulates as well as the day of ovulation.

Least amount of days girl can get pregnant?

It is her first day of the period and also the last day of her periods , these days she has the least chance to get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant on the first day of her period?

Girl can't get pregnant if she has sex on the first day of periods. In a girl with regular 28 day cycle with bleeding of 5 days the thumb rule is FIRST 7 days and LAST 7 days from the day period starts is SAFE period.

How quick does it take an girl to get pregnant?

If she is ovulating then she get pregnant in a 3day window. Spermicide has a 72 hour life combine that's a total of a 5 day window a girl can get pregnant quick.

Can you be pregnant if you had a three day period and it was heavy can you still be pregnant?

if you haven't had sex since your period, then you're almost certainly not pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant on her first sexual intercorse?

Yes you can get pregnant every time, every day of the month. Always use protection.

Can you get a girl pregnant the day before her period?

Yes there are chances that she may get pregnant because the egg at this stage is fully mature and if fertilized will form zygote

My girl and I were fooling around the other day and you were rubbing your penis against her vagina she was on her 9th day of her cycle Can she get pregnant due to pre-ejaculate fluid?

Yes. A girl can get pregnant on any day of her period, even during her period - even though it's not nearly as likely as when she's ovulating.

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