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yep. or a tongue or finger. most nerves are in about the first inch or two

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โˆ™ 2008-03-31 19:09:53
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Q: Can a girl orgasum with a 5 inch penis?
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Is a 5 inch penis big enough to pleasure a girl sexualy?


Is a 5 inch penis enoght to satisfy a girl?

Yes. The penis is the least important part of sex. Most of the sex is in the mind.

Can you satisfy a women by a 5 inch penis?

A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

Why cant a 20 inch penis fit all the waay in a girl?

LMFAO:') and because a vagina is only about 5/6 inches:L

Is a 5 and a half inch penis small?

no 4 inch is small

Is 8 inch by 5 inch penis big?

no, its called a lie

Can you satisfy a girl with a 5 inch penis?

Yes, you generally can satisfy a girl with a 5 inch penis if she is capable of being satisfied. Some women buy into the media notion that they can't have sex with anything under a certain size. But it isn't so much about the size, but what you do with it. Women aren't all that deep anyhow, so once you get over 4-5 inches, she starts to run out of room. A lot of women use their knees to control the thrusting when dealing with a penis that is too long for them.

Can a 5 inch penis hurt a girl?

hi what age are u I Have a 5inch dick do u get bk to me (msn(or hotmail)

Will a 5 inch penis fit in a girl 8 years old?

yes, of course, but you shouldn't be having sex with an eight year old!

You are 18 an you have a 7 inch penis with a 5 inch circumference is that small?

yes it is

Is a 3 inch penis big?

No, the average penis length is 5-6 inches.

5 inch penis non erect and a girth of only 1 inch could this be a problem?

The penis is flacid, upon erection it will be longer and larger in. circumfrance

5 inch penis and 5 inch in girth which condoms will fit that?

Depending on manufacturer, normal should be fine.

Would a 5 inch penis for a 54 year old be average size or small?

A 5" penis is perfectly normal.

How do you get a 5 inch penis?

Genetics. You can't force it.

Is a 18 inch penis too big for a 16 year old your girl friend says it is?

I highly doubt you have a 18 inch penis and yes, it would be to long for any female's vagina.

Is a 7.5 inch penis with a 5 inch girth a good size?

It is if it falls out of a Coke machine

Is a 5 inch penis with a 4.5 inch girth good for a 15 year old because my penis has not grew for about 2 years now?

That is perfectly fine.

Is a 3 1.5 inch soft penis ok when you are 15 and 5 inch hard penis okay when you are 15?

no that's really small, you have a baby dick

Is a 5 inch penis good for a 12 year old?


Is a 5 in a half inch penis good for a man?


You are 20 your penis is 5 inch are you normal?

The national average erect penis length is 5 1/2 inches, so you are about as normal as you can get.

Is is normal to have a 9 inch long 5 inch thick flacid penis?

No that is well above the average.

What size condom should you use with a 5inch penis?

Any standard condom will accomodate a 5 inch penis.

Is a 5 inch penis good?

Just about average. Don't worry about penis size, unless it is significantly small, or extraordinarily large. Then you need to see a specialist ;p 5 inch is good. enough.

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