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yep. or a tongue or finger. most nerves are in about the first inch or two


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A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

Yes. The penis is the least important part of sex. Most of the sex is in the mind.

LMFAO:') and because a vagina is only about 5/6 inches:L

No, the average penis length is 5-6 inches.

Genetics. You can't force it.

Depending on manufacturer, normal should be fine.

hi what age are u I Have a 5inch dick do u get bk to me (msn(or hotmail)

yes, of course, but you shouldn't be having sex with an eight year old!

It is if it falls out of a Coke machine

I highly doubt you have a 18 inch penis and yes, it would be to long for any female's vagina.

The penis is flacid, upon erection it will be longer and larger in. circumfrance

Yes, you generally can satisfy a girl with a 5 inch penis if she is capable of being satisfied. Some women buy into the media notion that they can't have sex with anything under a certain size. But it isn't so much about the size, but what you do with it. Women aren't all that deep anyhow, so once you get over 4-5 inches, she starts to run out of room. A lot of women use their knees to control the thrusting when dealing with a penis that is too long for them.

The national average erect penis length is 5 1/2 inches, so you are about as normal as you can get.

not bigger than 5 inch

Just about average. Don't worry about penis size, unless it is significantly small, or extraordinarily large. Then you need to see a specialist ;p 5 inch is good. enough.

Any standard condom will accomodate a 5 inch penis.

It can be, yes. At this age you are growing through Puberty so the penis is also growing. The average adult erect size is 6 inch.

This is an average size penis for teens ages 12 - 16

The average penis length in fully grown men is 5-6 inches.

No, that is perfectly normal.

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