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Yes, a girl can ovulate a couples of days before her period.

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Q: Can a girl ovulates few days before her periods starts?
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Is it possible for your girlfriend to have gotten pregnant the day before her period if her period lasts six days and she ovulates the day after her period?

No. A woman that ovulates is not pregnant until she has sex and the ovum is fertilzed and implanted.besides you cant get pregnant the day before the period.

Can a women be pregnant in 8 days although periods have not happened once?

A girl ovulates before she starts to bleed so then she can get pregnant but if you mean a grown woman who have never had her period I guess she could be pregnant if she started ovulating. The question I'm wondering is why she has never had her period if she's an adult. It takes about 3 days for the egg to get fertilized. The egg is available for about a day and the sperms can live up to 5 days inside the woman's body so that can be both before and after the intercourse.

Can women get pregnant 7 days before their periods?

Yes! A woman can get pregnant any time she ovulates. The "typical" pattern is 10-14 days prior to her period. However, it is entirely possible to ovulate earlier or later, thus, it would be possible to get pregnant 7 days before a period is due. Especially if she ovulated later than usual that month...

What days of the month will a woman have a chance to get pregnant?

The five days prior to and 12 hours after she ovulates.

When you say one egg is released when a women ovulates what one egg over all the days she ovulates if so how do you know when its released?

Well, she tends to get really pissed off then really sad right before it happens. Then she gets really hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How will you know when your period comes?

You know when your period comes because there will be blood! Sometimes this is pink or brown spotting for a few days before you will see full blood flow, you may also experience symptoms such as cramps a few days beforehand. Typically periods will come every 28 days - but this can vary slightly from person to person, some will get periods every 21 days where as others may get periods every 57 days - it's also normal for periods to be irregular at first. Keep track of your periods on a calendar so you can see when a pattern starts to emerge, also watch for symptoms such as heavier discharge that can start just before your period is due to start.

What are some steps to become pregnant?

Have sex when she ovulates and a week before since sperm can live for 5-7 days inside. She can use ovulations tests to be sure.

How many days after your period are you most fetile?

14 days before your period starts.

How many days can you starve before your body starts eating your muscles?

3 days

When does dhan teras starts?

two days before diwali.

How days before the Olympic games starts?

the answer is are u a doyel

How many days before periods does you know that U are pragnent?

Seven Days after Ovulation period Seven Days after Ovulation period

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