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Q: Can a gm 383 boat motor be used in a car?
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Are the ford 302 for a car and the ford 302 boat motor the same?

yes they are the same motor but will have different components because one was designed for a boat and the other for a car

What is the meaning of the word motorboat?

The definition of motorboat is any kind of boat with a motor that runs it. It is usually any type of boat that is available as long as it has a motor. For example, a car is not a boat so it is not a motorboat.

Is it bad to use a boat battery in a car?

When you say boat battery if you are referring to a Deep Cycle battery as used to power a trolling motor then no, it is not suitable for use in a car. However, if you are referring to a battery in a boat used to start the engine and it is not a Deep Cycle battery it will work just fine in a car as long as it fits the battery holder, can be strapped down, and the battery posts are orientated correctly.

What is the verb form of the word motor?

"motor" can be used as a verb. It means to travel in a motor vehicle or to convey something in a motor vehicle. Example: I motored across the US in my new car. The man motored me across the lake in his speed boat. "motorize" is a verb meaning to add a motor to, to equip with a motor.

Can you use a car motor to replace a boat motor?

Engine, not motor, and, while not impossible, such a swap would cause a lot of problems, not the least of which would be the car engine not being protected against saltwater corrosion.

What is an example of a sentence using the word motor?

The vacuum cleaner is going to need a new motor soon.

Can you put a RC car motor in a RC boat?

In theory yes you can. As long as the engine will fit in the boat, is waterproofed, and can be rigged to move the boats propeller.

Can you tell me what a hobby motor is?

A hobby motor is a motor that supplies power to projects and toys. You can easily add movement to something that doesnt move like a model car or boat.

What do they travel in to get to Scotland?

It depends on where you are travelling from but plane, train, boat, car, motor cycle or you could even walk.

Could you put a gas RC car motor in a RC boat?

In theory yes you can. As long as the engine will fit in the boat, is waterproofed, and can be rigged to move the boats propeller.

What is a boat car?

it is a boat with wheels or a car that floats

When was the first motor car first used?

in 12345

Why motor used in car?

To give initial thrust

What is linear motor car?

A linear motor car might be describing a long limousine. It might also be describing a car on a train that is used for passenger travel.

How are boats powered?

Either sails or with motors, either inboard or outboard. Inboard has basically a car motor connected to the propeller, outboard, the motor hangs on the back of the boat.

Difference between Geared motor and gearless motor?

a geared motor has gears to to give different power and speeds as in a car a gearless motor is a direct drive that uses the speed of the engine only for power and speed when driven, such as in boat

Which is better getting your motor rebuilt or buying a used motor?

buying a used motor is almost the same thing as buying a used car, and fixing it can be pretty expensive too.

Who won the 1998 Indy car race at Texas Motor Speedway?

Billy Boat won the 1998 race at TMS.

How is petrol used by us?

Petrol is used by us in Motor Car and Generators.

How do you build an RC boat?

i wood take apart a RC car and take the servo out 1 take apart the back whees and get the motor take the front servo out. get a boat frame .

How did the motorcar improve the quality of life?

its a car used by motor

How do you describe a motor car?

as a car with a motor

What does the car is a boat means?

"Boat" is a term generally used for older full-size cars, namely from the 60s and 70s.

Is a car an example of output devices?

i think a car is a example of "output devices". "Car" is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transforting passengers. which also carries its own engine or motor.

How is aluminum used in cars?

aluminum is used for several things in a car...the motor and the body