Can a gold ring not have a mark?

Yes some custom made rings do not have a mark ; Regular gold ring have a mark can be 10k - 14k - 18k - 22k , No ring can be 24k Yellow gold is to soft can break easy . White gold is better if you mix it with very good metal alloys;or with yellow gold to make pure color solid inside and outside white gold alloy, 10k thru 21k; yellow gold with rhodium is not better to make white gold, because in one year it can loose the white color; all metal yellow gold or white gold from 10k thru 22k is called alloy of gold ; because it is made with different kinds of precious metals . Only 24k yellow gold People can call pure gold. you do not need yellow gold to create pure solid color white gold alloy formula, You can see the web. Living Life Enterprises Presents . Sincerely in Business from 1982.