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Q: Can a green card holder buy a japan rail pass?
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Do i need a visa to us if i have green card?

um hahahaha no u need a baby and a buss pass

What is a pass scarf?

Pass scarf is a item that lets the holder to pass the attacks or effect of moves to effect the Pokemon next to it. It can even pass on those effects to attacker itself unless the attack was used from far range. But whenever the effect of pass scarf activates, the holder's belly goes down.

Does the equator pass through Japan?


What is an air ticket?

An air ticket is a pass entitling the holder to travel on an airplane.

Does the Tropic of Cancer pass through Japan?

No it does not.

Can you use a Busch Gardens pass to get into howloscream?

Yes. Any pass holder can attend Howl-O-Scream at anytime it is open.

What is the famous quote for Japan?

Pass the soy sauce?

Can you pass 6 grade if you didn't pass your sol's?

it depends on what you got on your report card

Can green card holders get a divorce in California if you got married in India and became permanent residents last year?

Yes,the green card holders can get a divorce even if they are married in India. The only requirement is you should be resident of the same county for the last 6 months. You do not even have to be a green card holder for this purpose. However this divorce may not be a accepted by the courts in India and you may have to get it validated again in India. Hope it helps. I LEAVE IN USA LAST 4YEARS WE CAME WITH LEGAL IMMIGRANT WE HAVE INDIAN PASS PORT WE MARRIDGE IN INDIA NOW MY HUSBAND LAST 1 MONTH SEPARAT LEAVING WITH ME AND HE TOLD ME I AM NOT LEAVE WITH YOU GIVE ME DIVORCE SO WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE GIVE ME ADVISE

What is a c on a report card?

A grade 'C' on a report card is good... It means you pass !

Can you get one day pass card to buy at Sam's Club?

Yes but then you can buy a pass for the year

Where can you buy a japan rail pass in London?

got it,

How do people get around in japan?

there is no way to get around japan in a car. i thought you can get a jr pass and hope on a train

Which longitde coordinate pass through japan?

The longitute line 139 E Passes through the japan.

What is a Green room pass for a concert?

It's, like, a room that's painted green.

How do you get the member pass on Pokemon diamond?

The member pass was only distributed via a Nintendo event. The Member pass as i was know before release was officially called the Member's Card. This card was used to obtain Darkrai

How do pass be a guide in dizzywood?

eat the green pasta

How do you pass a green can bouy?

It depends on our direction of travel.

How do pass music from your computer to your sd card?

how you pass music from your sd card is that you put in the sd card to youur computer next you go to files then music and find music you like next click download.

What if you dont have card for uno do you keep drawing till you get one?

No, if you dont have a card, draw once, if you cant place this card, then you pass.

Can you pass 6 grade with four fs in your report card?


Can you use your citizenship form to get into the US?

Only a green card holder already in the US for a minimum 5 year period, staying in the locality where he or she is applying for US citizenship for a minimum 3 month period and who has good moral character can apply for US citizenship. Person should be at least 18 years old and should pass the citizenship test in order to get US citizenship.

What is a member card in Nintendo event?

A Member's Card is a pass into the inn at the northeast part of Canalave City.

How do i get pass the sim puk code?

You can't ! The PUK is set by the network - unless you're the legitimate account holder (and can pass their security questions) - the network will NOT give you the PUK.

Does white light pass through green filter?

The green part of it does. The rest, not so much.