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Yes, but I wouold recommend you apply for citizenship as you would lose your residency status if you leave the country for more than 6 months.

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Q: Can a green card holder get a divorce and still be a permanent resident after 6 years of marriage?
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Can a permanent resident get a US passport?

can a greencard holder get a united states passport

Do Canadian permanent resident holder need visa to travel to France?


What is penalty for marriage fraud if US citizen marries green card holder?

If the marriage was purely for the purpose of obtaining a Green card and if the USCIS comes to know of it, then the Green card will be revoked. The person will get to lose the legal permanent resident status.

Can us refugee travel document holder visit Canada without a Canadian visa?

Yes if you have a Permanent Resident card; however, if you do not have a Permanent Resident card you would need to apply for a visa in advance.

What is green Card Holder?

Green card is the name usually associated with a permanent resident of the USA. The card was formerly green, now it is much like a driving license which contains a information on a permanent resident of the USA.

Can green card holder get divorce and still renew their green card after 3 years of marriage?


Can a permanent resident get a divorce before the expiration of two year green card?

If the legal process can be completed prior to the expiration of the green card, yes. However, NOT having the process completed will NOT ensure the green card holder their stay will be extended.

Does a Grenada passport holder need a visa for travelling to Australia?

If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident you need a visa to be in Australia.

Is an L1 visa holder considered a non-permanent or permanent resident alien?

I believe you are not a resident alien at all, you are a alien, legally allowed to live and work in the USA for the duration of the L1 (up to 7 years) but you are not a "resident" There are many law firms who could answer precisely this question.

Can a permanent resident marry a non-us citizen and bring her to US?

A lawful permanent resident (green card holder) can sponsor a relative for a green card. To sponsor a green card, the petitioner has to file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative with the USCIS.

Difference between Green Card Holder and Permanent Residence?

green card is officially known as "Permanent Rsident Card" or Form I-551. Green Card holders are officiallu referd as lawfull permanent resident (LPR)they are the same

Do you have to have a green card to apply for citizenship?

Yes, you do. The first requirement for US citizenship is to be a lawful permanent resident of the United States (be a green card holder.)

How long do you have to live in the us to apply for citizenship?

You need to be a permanent resident card (green card) holder to be eligible to apply for citizenship. In normal circumstances, an immigrant should be a permanent resident for five years to be eligible for citizenship. If you are married to a US citizen, then it is three years of permanent residency.It is that you have to be in marriage to a U.S citizen and should be living with that U.S citizen for the past 3 three years of your permanent residency for the criteria to be applicable to you. Current regulations do allow a person to start the application process ninety days before they fulfill their residency requirement.

Can a us permanent resident travel to Hawaii without passport?

Hawai'i is a US state, therefore no passport is needed for US citizens to travel to or from Hawai'i. Hawaii is part of the United States. Therefore, if you are a Citizen or a Permanent Resident(Green Card holder) you won't be needing a passport to go there. DL will do.

What are the basic requirements of registering a company in Singapore?

Registering a company in Singapore is easy when you have the following with you * At least one local company director who is a Singapore resident or a permanent resident holder * At least one share holder * Registered office address in Singapore * A qualified local company secretary * A paid-up capital

Will bipolar mental illness and arrest record for threatened arson and police assault result in a permanent resident green card holder being deported?

A foreign national whether illegal or permanent resident status when convicted of a felony is subject to imprisonment and/or deportation after their imposed sentence has been served. The quicker the better!

What documentation does a permanent resident of Canada Indian passport holder require to cross the border into the US by car?

you need a tourist visa, because you are still a citizen of India and not canada.

What does a green card holder need to enter Canada and reenter the United States?

No visa is required to re-enter the USA if one is in legal status/permanent resident in USA

Can a green card holder be deported if they get a divorce?

No, the divorce alone is not a reason for deportation.

Can a green card holder get a divorce?

Yes, they can.

If you have a green card does this mean you can stay in US?

Immigration status referred to as lawful permanent residency authorizes a person on a permanent basis to live and work in the US. A lawful permanent resident(green card holder) can apply for US citizenship after five years of residency, or naturalization, after five years of residency.

Can Nigerian passport holder with spanish resident permit need visa to visit Ecuador?

can nigerian passport holder with spanish resident permit need a visa to visit ecuador.

Does children needs to apply for greencard if their mother is already a greencard holder?

Person who has become lawful permanent resident after marriage but was not able to take spouse along to US, this immigration Form I-824 follow to join application can be used. In this case a separate Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative need not be filed instead US consulate just needs to be informed that as you are a lawful permanent resident and apply for immigrant visa for your spouse. Your spouse need not wait any further for availability of a visa number. Similarly if you had children before you became a green card holder they also may apply to join you.

When i get us citizenship after marriage of US citizen?

The applicant is a permanent resident ("green card" holder) with valid green card for a period of the past 5 years. If married to U.S. Citizen you may apply after 3 years with valid green card. One exception prevails - if an applicant has served in the United States armed forces during war, that individual may obtain US citizenship without first becoming a permanent resident if they were in the United States upon enlistment into the U.S. military.

How long does it take a green card holder to bring their spouse to the US?

immediately Green card holder who got married after obtaining a Green Card must file a Form I-130 Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse in order to sponsor them for Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card) status. So depending on the city and state where the petition is filed the processing time will differ. Green card through marriage is the quickest compared to other options but marriage should be in good faith and not for just immigration benefits.