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Can a grizzly bear kill a bison?


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Well it's not uncommon for a grizzly bear to prey on a small bison cow or a young calf, that's for sure. So yes, I guess you could say that a grizzly bear could kill a bison.

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It\'s possible, actually. Bison will attack a grizzly bear if that bear is going in to attack one of the calves of that herd, and those horns on a bison, short though they seem, can deliver a lot of damage to a grizzly, probably enough to kill it.

Yes. A buffalo can charge at the grizzly bear and use its strong head to knock the grizzly bear to death. Buffaloes weigh more than grizzly bears do. Grizzlies often kill bison however, especially cows and the young calves. There is a youtube video of a large grizzly killing an adult bison.

Fight will never occur since the bison and polar bear never meet. If by chance people staged such a fight, the bear most likely. Grizzly bears can kill bison, and the polar bear is at least as strong.

Wolves, grizzly bears, humans.

No. A grizzly bear is more likely to kill a black bear if they cross paths than a black bear killing a grizzly. A male black bear may kill young grizzly cubs if he comes across them, and the same if a grizzly comes across black bear cubs, but a black bear is no match to a grizzly.

No, a mountain lion could not kill an adult grizzly bear.

A grizzly bear wouldn't dare mess with a bison bull or cow. When on the attack, a charging bison can and will gore a bear with its horns, not to mention crush the bear's ribs with his head. A bear can try to get at the neck, but all that thick fur will be in the way, and will come away with more injuries than he intended. A grizzly will steal and kill a bison calf, but only if the calf ventures far from his mother and from the safety of the herd.

No, because a bear is too powerful for a single wolf to kill, but a pack of wolves could kill a grizzly bear.

A crocodile could be killed by an elephant, rhinoceros, hippo, tiger, lion, grizzly bear, polar bear, a bison, a large anaconda, and a poacher.

I think it can if it is huge and the grizzly bear is in the water.

Yes they can kill a grizzly bear. I think they can kill it because its on your property i guess

Grab a gun and fire at its head, but do not go near the grizzly bear.

No. The polar bear is larger and a more beastly killer than a grizzly bear.

They use multiple hounds to kill a grizzly bear.

Yes. A grizzly bear or a brown bear can even kill and eat an adult bull moose alone, only if the bull moose is not on the rut.

No way a hyena can kill a grizzly bear unless it hunt with packs

A wolf or a bear. Wolves tend to be the main predator of bison.

Lions, especially if they are females from the same pride. The grizzly bear can defeat and kill the ox if it avoided its horns and head, but the lions will get it after the grizzly bear gets injury by the ox's body strength. If the grizzly bear attacked the 4 lions, the grizzly bear will have a chance to win because its big claws can kill 2 lions if it was strong enough to. After the lions get killed, the grizzly bear might get injured, and the ox can kill it with ease.

If a Grizzly Bear is 10' away, your dead no matter what you shoot it with...

We will never know because lions and grizzly bears do not even live on the same continent.

Yes it is legal to hunt Grizzly Bears in Akaska

A grizzly bear would kill a black bear. The grizzly bear has so much more power, with just one swing with it's arm, it could break a bone. So, a grizzly bear would win.

The Grizzly Bear may kill a Wolf with a Swipe of the Paw, but if the wolf stands and growls at the bear, the bear will catch and bite the wolf by the neck or back and hold it down to the ground.

Yes. Grizzly bears usually kill and eat injured adult bisons or young bisons.

Yes, but they have to kill the grizzly bear. Amur tigers usually take down small adult grizzly bears, but never a large adult grizzly bear.

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