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I have never heard of it but the guinea pig would have to be trained in special areas, including: using a litter box; not to squeak(that could get quite annoying); ect.

No, big human could squish.

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Is papua new guienia part of Asia?

yep papua new guienia as a matter of fact is part of asia!

Where does a guinea pig sleep?

They sleep in hay in a cage

What is an abnormal way for a guinea pig to sleep?

to sleep on their back

Where pigs sleep?

Our pigs sleep in pig arks which are out on the fields.

If dog sleeps in kennel Where does pig sleep?

In the pig sty.

Where does a pig sleep?

my spare room

What side does a pig sleep on?


Where do piglets sleep?

In a Pig pen .

How does a wild pig sleep?

They can sleep on their sides or with their legs tucked under their bodies.

How do pigs sleep?

like anyother pig

Do guinea pig sleep in the light?


What are the release dates for Pinky and Perky Show - 2008 The Pig Sleep?

Pinky and Perky Show - 2008 The Pig Sleep was released on: USA: 2008

How you make guinea pigs sleep?

my guinea pig likes to sleep when it is dark. they might keep you up, but just wait awhile and they will soon fall asleep. when i first got my guinea pig she didn't sleep but once they are comfortable they will go to sleep

What do pig like to do?

They like to sleep all day.

Are guinea pig nocturnal?

no, they are not nocturnal, they sleep at night.

When does your guinea pig sleep?

A guinea pig spends time during the day and the night sleeping. They usually rests lots and eats during the day and they mostly sleep at night.

When guinea pig sleep?

Guinea Pigs are diurnal, which means that the are lively during the day and sleep at night.

What does a pig do on a farm?

Eat, sleep, have babies and maybe get slaughtered.

My guine pig has crust around her eyes?

its called sleep

Do guinea pigs sleep with eyes open?

i happen to have a guinea pig and he does not sleep with his eyes open so i say no.

Can you sleep with a guinea pig?

yes you can but you need to make sure to not crush them.

Chapter 8 What do the boys do with the pig after they kill it?

They eat it raw after they sleep with it

Why does your baby guinea pig sleeps a lot?

Think about it. Why do baby people sleep.

What does it mean when a guinea pig scrunches up into a ball?

He or she is probably going to sleep.

Do Guniea pigs sleep with their eyes open?

yep. my guinea pig does, and in the wild, it tricks their pretadors into thinking they are awake and watching out. if your guinea pig feels extremely relaxed, comfortable, or safe, she or he will occasionally sleep with its eyes closed.