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Can a guinea pig eat sunflower seed?


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NO! Guinea pigs can't eat sunflower seeds! IT'S BAD FOR THEM!


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yes they can.... my guinea pigs food comes with sunflower seeds in all the kibble... so YES!

They eat a lot for a small animal. They have seed and veggies but quite a bit of both depending on the guinea pig.

That is such a good question for people who are idiots.You should have asked if water eats air

That is wrong Brazils top food source is bamboo idiot

leave the guinea pig in it's cage if you have the gunea pig out hold it i don't think your dog will eat your guinea pig

It will make its way through the Guinea pig and it will come out the otherside.

It might not eat your guinea pig but I would probably kill it if it was able to.

NO guinea pigs can not eat peanuts

No, guinea pigs could easily choke and the seed has no nutritional value anyway.

No, guinea pigs need the company of another guinea pig.

No a guinea pig cannot eat cow corn!!! If you try to feed a guinea pig cow corn it will immediately die so no a guinea pig cannot eat cow corn!

Your guinea pig can eat banana. They will also choose to eat banana skin.

A guinea pig can eat a pear, it's just a matter of if it would want to or not. ANSWER NO

the guinea pig can eat stems i just dont know about leaves

no.. depending on the guinea pig wether they'll eat it or not

A guinea pig may be unwell if he or she doesn't eat. The guinea pig may be stressed, have a vitamin deficiency, or some other problem or illness, so the guinea pig should be taken to a vet.

You eat guinea pigs in Australia, but only dumb people eat guinea pigs

Yes, humans can eat guinea pig treats. However, if you eat enough of them, you will probably get sick.

No, guinea pigs should not eat raisins.

no guinea pigs should not eat mushrooms.

yes. they love and can eat any vegetable's/ fruit/ guinea pig food.

most guinea pig food containsdried fruits and sunflower seeds along with pellets and the occasional 'fake' carrots. Hope this helped! :D

Absolutely NOT it will hurt your guinea pig a lot.Dont try it!!!!!

Normally guinea pigs eat guinea pig food. In alternative, you can feed them lettuce, carrots, apples, etc.

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