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No, he cant get you pregnant but if his semen gets in then yeah you can get pregnant from that

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A boy put his finger in your vagina can you get pregnant?

If that is all he does then no, you will not get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his finger inside on the vagina?

Pregnancy requires seminal fluid, which does not come from fingers. So no.

Should a guy put his finger up a vagina?

That is up to the guy and the owner of said vagina. But mostly up to the owner.

Can a girl get pregnant if his boy friend put finger in her vagina?

No. The only way you might become pregnant this way if the guy had ejaculated on his fingers, and then inserted those fingers inside you.

If you put your finger in your vagina can you be pregnant?

NO! The obnly way you cvan get pregnant is if sperm reaches inside you. So unless you've got a penis for a finger the answer is no!

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his finger inside on the vagina and pull it?

No. Pregnancy requires your egg and at least one of his sperm cells. Unless he has wet sperm on the intruding finger, pregnancy won't happen.

Can you die if you put your finger in your vagina?

A girl will not die from putting a finger into her vagina.

Can you put finger in your wife's vagina?

Yes, as long as she's fine with it. There is no harm to put your finger in your wife's vagina.

How do you prevent girl from pregnant if she had put a little sprem on her finger and then put in her vagina?

You put her in an English class so she can learn proper grammar and spelling.

What does a guy feel while fingering a girl?

your vagina, & your vagina walls. it's soft. put your finger in your vag & you will know. Its soft, wet & tight

How did sacagawea got pregnant?

Well see,there is a vagina and a penis. He stick the penis into the vagina,and theres some moaing going onn,and he shoot his load on her she put it on her finger and into her vagina andliked itt!(:

What if you put sperm on your finger then put it in a girls vagina would she get pregnet?

Firstly - Pregnant* Secondly - No. It would be extremely hard for this to happen. Basically impossible.

Can you get an std if you put your finger in your vagina?

Yes, if you just got done putting your finger in a different vagina that has an STD.

If he cumed on you then you put it with your finger in your vagina could you be pregnant?

I bet I have typed this 100 times. Any time sperm come into contact with the vagina in or around a preg. could occur.

Can you get pregnant if you put your finger in your vagina for 10 minutes?

No you cannot did you learn anything in school the sperm from a man goes into you wich then goes into one of your eggs making you pregnant

Were to finger yourself?

dont put your finger in you vagina. clit is a place to start

If a guy put his penis half way in the girls vagina can she get pregnant?

Mabye, depending. You can go to a hospital and check.

How can a doctor know your pregnant by put their finger in the vagina?

Depends on how far along you are, The dr is feeling for swelling in the uterus a good indicator of pregnancy.

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