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His teeth should grow back if they broke off if the entire tooth fell out probably not hamsters teeth never stop growing as long as they live this is why they are always chewing to keep there teeth at a respectable lenth.

AnswerIf the whole tooth broke off they will never grow back. If this has happened or until the teeth grow back, your hamster will be quite happy eating mush. You can soak his hamster food in a little warm water before you give it to him to soften it up a bit or feed him porridge oats made with warm water as neither will require chewing. You can also make a MASH with any leftover vegetables (steamed or boiled only with no salt etc) which all hamsters love anyway. AnswerYou also need to tackle the reason why he was nibbling at his cage in the first place. It is likely that he is bored and doesn't have anything suitable in his cage to chew on. Hamsters need to chew regularly to keep their teeth from becoming overgrown. You should provide him with things to chew in his cage such as the cardboard centre of toilet rolls and safe branches such as apple, hawthorne and hazelnut and also plenty of entertainment.

Our hamster regularly swung using his two front paws from the top bars. One day he slipped and broke his teeth on the side bars. Over the next few weeks he got thin and lethargic , you could see he was trying the food but couldn't eat. We started giving him baby food and sun butter. He loves the butternut squash, applesauce, carrots. His size, energy and coat all look great now. he still has no teeth but the baby food is definitely working and he is happy, active and apparently healthy. Hopefully his teeth will grow back but at least he is getting nourishment.

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Q: Can a hamster who has lost both front teeth trying to eat through his cage still eat and will his teeth grow back?
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What does it mean if a hamster is cold and wont move but is still breathing?

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