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No, only hanoverian crosses can have pinto colouring. Registered hanoverians come in chestnut, bay, brown, black and grey - other colourations are prohibited by the breed regulations.

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Paint is a breed of horse based on bloodlines, so no a Hanoverian cannot be a Paint. They can however have Pinto markings, it is rare for this to happen within the Hanoverian breed, but it can occur, and they can be registered as pintos as well as Hanoverians.

"Pinto" is a term for a horse with a painted coat. In other words, a coat with two or three colours. Pinto just applies to a horse breed that has the colour of being painted. For example, you might have an Arabian horse, but it has a black and white coat, which makes it a Pinto. This is used to differentiate between the painted horse breed called, Paint.

Pinto horses are known for their distinctive 2 colored coat.

A pinto is a colour, not a breed. this means it can be as big as a shire horse, or as small as a fallabella pony. Pinto is a coat colour of white and chestnut, normally in patches.

That is the correct spelling of "Hanoverian" (a horse breed).

A pinto horse is one which features splashes of white on its coat. It can occur in almost any breed. It should not be confused with a Paint horse, which is a specific breed in itself.

A paint horse is a breed of horse, not a different species, so they live 25 to 50 years. Some people say that pinto and paint horses are the same but they are not. A paint horse is a breed of horse, but pinto is a type of coloring, meaning that any breed of horse can be a called pinto horse, as it is the coat pattern, not the breed of the horse, that defines a horse as a pinto horse.

A paint horse is a breed of horse which combines the characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting of white and dark coat colours.

Pinto is a coat color and not a breed. Paint is a breed and pinto is a color that can be on any other breed that can have that coat color.

Pinto is simply a term for a horse with a broken/ pinto coat pattern and nothing else. A pinto marked horse will not require anything different from any other breeds or color of horse. The one exception may be if the horse has a lot of white on it's face, then it will likely require some kind of sunscreen and a fly mask to keep from getting a sunburn.

A paint horse is a breed and a pinto horse is a color.If you want to know what to call a pinto horse that is a paint, Pinto Paint!!

Pinto in spanish memans PAINT, pinto can apply to any horse marked with unpigmented pink-skinned, white-haired areas on its coat pinto can apply to any horse marked with unpigmented pink-skinned, white-haired areas on its coat. Stock-type Pintos are suitable for western riding, Stock-type Pinto ponies are of predominantly Shetland pony, Welsh pony or Quarter Horse breeding. Hunter-type Pintos are suitable for hunt seat or sport horse styles of English riding.

Yes, all breeds of horse can swim.

Pinto is a color. Paint is a breed that has a pinto coat, except for a few oddballs that are solid colors. Paints can be used as pleasure horses, as well as any horse with the pinto coloring.

The cutest horse would probably the welsh cob or the Hanoverian.

The Hanoverian horse, developed in Hanover, Germany, is a large breed commonly known as a Warmblood. Depending on the bloodlines of the individual horse, a Hanoverian at 2 could weigh anywhere from 900 to 1200 lbs. or more.

I believe pinto comes from the word ''pintar'' in Spanish which means painting/paint.The horse itself looking like its been painted is probably why the pinto horse is called pinto.

Hanoverians are fairly large bodied horses and typically weight between 1100 and 1500 pounds on average. The Hanoverian horse registries do not keep records for the horses weights on file and thus there is no way to know how heavy the heaviest Hanoverian is.

The average life span of a Pinto horse is 20 to 25 years. A Pinto horse is a horse that has large patches of white and any other colors mixed on it.

....... you dont need a special saddle for a pinto. you just use any saddle that fits.....

Well pinto is actually the markings on the horse and not a 'real' breed any breed of horse can have pinto markings. But any pinto colored horse could be used for any activity involving horses.

Pinto horses are reated to the horse brought over from Spain in the 16th century.

The Hanoverian horse is a warmblood horse which is bred to excel in the equestrian disciplines of jumping, dressage and eventing. The breed originated in northern Germany in the state of Lower Saxony, the former kingdom of Hannover. Number of Hanoverian race horses currently in the game: of which 317200 of purebred)this is acording to the site

What usually distinguishes a pinto horse from other breeds is its colour. Pinto horse are usually of a dark or brown colour with random bits of white colouring on them.