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Definately not.

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Q: Can a herpes outbreak affect the results of blood pregnancy test?
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Related questions

Does herpes affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

Typically, herpes will not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. However, if you're currently in an outbreak, then it may affect the accuracy.

Does heat affect the outbreak of genital herpes?

Yes, it is possible.

Can herpes affect a pap smear?

An outbreak of herpes on the cervix at the time of the pap smear could cause a pap with inflammation as well as direct diagnosis of herpes. A herpes outbreak elsewhere is not likely to cause an abnormal pap.

What is a herpes outbreak?

An outbreak of herpes. Pretty simple.

Can you spread genital herpes with no outbreak?

Yes, you can spread genital herpes without an outbreak. Herpes is contagious both during and just before an outbreak.

Is it dangerous to get pregnant after you had herpes?

no, but you will have to have a c-section done if you have an outbreak anytime soon before your pregnancy. They have a shot that they will give you at around 30 something weeks I think it might be 36, to keep you from getting an outbreak if you haven't had one yet during the pregnancy. I am assuming that you are talking about genital herpes.

How long after a possible exposure should you wait to be tested for herpes?

The testing for herpes should occur when you have a suspected outbreak. Any earlier and the results will simply be inconclusive.

If your partner doesn't have an outbreak can you get herpes?

Yes you can still get herpes if your partner doesn't have an outbreak but the chances are reduced if there is not an outbreak.

Where you get a herpes outbreak?

Herpes outbreak usually occur in the oral or genital region, however, it is possible to have an outbreak anywhere on the body.

Can you get an outbreak of herpes from shaving?

An outbreak of herpes can occur from shaving because it is irritating the skin. Waxing can also cause an outbreak.

Does genital herpes outbreak cause gas?

No, genital herpes outbreak does not cause gas.

How long can you have herpes before you get your first outbreak?

You can be infected with herpes for weeks to years before your first outbreak.

How long after a herpes outbreak can you get pregnant?

Herpes break outs have nothing to do with getting pregnant, herpes doesn't affect that. Getting pregnant depends on if you have intercourse when you ovulate, not when you get a break out.

Can penicillen treat an herpes outbreak?

Penicillin will not treat a herpes outbreak. An antiviral medication from your doctor (or check with your pharmacist) will help the outbreak.

Can you infect people with herpes during an outbreak?

Yes you can infect people with herpes during an outbreak.

Can you have herpes outbreak while taking flagyl?

Yes you can have herpes outbreak while taking flagyl.

Could u pass on herpes to a person without being on your herpes outbreak?

Yes unfortunately it is possible to pass on herpes to a person without being on your herpes outbreak.

Can a massage cause a herpes outbreak?

It should not cause an outbreak.

Can you get herpes if there is no outbreak?


Can a herpes outbreak jumpstart a menstrual cycle?

NO, herpes doesn't affect the reproductive system or menstrual cycles. Usually it's PMS that would trigger a break out.

Can genital herpes affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

No, because a pregnancy test is looking for the pregnancy hormone, which will not be affected by an STD

Will herpes outbreak go away without medication?

A herpes outbreak will go away without medication.

If you have not had an outbreak for a while does that decrease the chance of transmitting herpes?

It is more likely to transmit herpes when there is an active outbreak, but it can still be transmitted even when there is no outbreak at all.

Have genital herpes can an outbreak occur in mouth?

If you have genital herpes, you may still have an outbreak of oral herpes if you were infected around the mouth. However, if you are infected only genitally, you won't have an oral outbreak. You can be infected both orally and genitally with herpes.

How long does it take for herpes results from pap smear?

Unless you're having a herpes outbreak on your cervix at the time of a pap smear, you're not going to get any herpes results from your Pap. I think you've misunderstood something about your testing. Contact your health care provider to clarify what tests you had done.