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Can a home lien affect your credit?

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Yes, liens against real property are very damaging to one's credit score and can make it difficult to obtain future credit.

2006-08-15 18:17:01
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Does a lien on your property affect your credit rating?

Yes, it will affect your credit. My sister had a lien and she could not get some credit she applied for because of it.

Does a junior lien affect credit?

Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.

Does a real estate lien from an HOA affect your personal credit?

The lien can be reported to a credit reporting agency.

My condo community has decided to put new siding on your homes and if I don't pay 5500 they will put a lien on my home. Will that affect my credit rating?

Yes, a lien on your title, which clouds it, becomes public record and can affect your credit rating.

Can you take out a home equity line of credit when there is a lien on your home?

The lender will require that the lien be paid off.

If someone is renting a house that is NOT in their name and the owner of the house has a lien filed against them how does that affect the renter and their credit?

It would not affect your credit at all because you are merely the tenant and are renting the property. Since you do not own it, and the owner is the person that has the lien filed against them, it will not affect you or your credit.

Can lien affect your credit?

Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.

If you're refinancing your house but the contractor who was renovating is putting a lien on the house because you still owe him a small amount of money will that affect the refinancing and your credit?

If the lien is reported to your the 3 credit reporting agencies or even one as a collection it will effect your credit. If the lien is just on your home it will not effect your credit however you will have to pay the lien off when you sell or refinance your property. Also some of these liens have running interest which can be a shock in the future.

A lien was filed due to credit card debt. I had no personal property at the time the lien was filed about 3 years ago. How does this affect my credit?

The lien is probably still in place, and the fact that it was filed is still on your credit file.

Can lien on a house affect the owner's credit if the house was bought with cash?

Yes. A lien will show up on your credit record whether you paid cash or mortgaged your property.

What are the consequences of a lien placed on ones home by an HOA?

A lien on the title to your home clouds the title -- indicates that there are monies due based on the lien -- so a future transaction will involve the lien. The lien may also be shown on your credit report.

If you own a scooter in California that has a mechanic's lien on it will it affect your credit?

If it shows on your CR, it will effect how lenders extend credit to you.

Can I put a lien on someone's credit?

No. There is no such thing as a lien on credit because credit is not tangible property. A lien can be applied to property only.

You are about to get a lien on your home how will that affect you will you owe interest charges fees etc?

This will affect you in numerous ways, you have already built up legal fees due to the lien, it is on your credit, you have just about destroyed your credit rating. I would suggest you go to your bank and attempt to negotiate new terms or find another company and reapply for a refi Or sell your home to Ugly House at a loss but get out from under it if you cannot afford it.

What does it mean to have a lien on your home?

If you owe a bank, credit card companies, etc., they can apply to the courts to put a lien on your home, which means that they now have an interest in your home and can recoup their losses if you were to sell your home.

Can a lien be placed on property based on a person who is not on the title?

can a lien be placed on my home based on a family members credit card debt?

In SC can a Credit Card Collector place in lien on your house?


Will IRS tax lien affect credit score?

Generally, tax liens (both state, county and federal) do appear on your credit report and will impact your credit worthiness.

Can a credit card company lien be removed if you don't pay?

The only way to remove an active lien is to pay it off. You cannot sell or mortgage your home until the lien is paid.

How do you remove lien from credit report?

How can I get a lien removed from my credit report what is the statute of limitation law?

FDCPA in Florida protect home from credit card collection agency?

How much can a credit card collector do with a lien on your property in Fl

In Ohio can credit card companies put a lien on your home?

They can put a lien on your house if they have obtained a judgment against you. Then, when you sell your house, you will have to pay them first.

I own a home and my mother resides in another home on the property her debt is showing as lien against the property but she doesn't have the house in her namecan a credit card company do that?

If it is credit card debt, the lien is invalid, but if you or your mother ignored a complaint about the debt and failed to object to the lien, you may have to do something about it in the court that granted the lien. If you live in a state where a credit card lien can be obtained without a court order, you will have to take some other legal action. If you fail to have the lien removed, it will come back to haunt you if you want to refinance or sell the property, or if you die.

Can a construction lien appear on your credit?

Liens placed upon your real property do become a part of your credit history however a single incident does not adversely affect your credit rating. Multiple liens or a pattern of liens will affect creditors decisions to extend credit to you.

Will chapter7 clear lien on home for credit card dept?

It depends on whether there was equity in the home at the time the lien attached. If so, it is a secured debt and will have to be paid. You may have to have hearing to determine dischargeability.