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Can a horse have twins?

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Not Very CommonYes they can, but it's not that common. If the mare has twins often one or even both of them pass away, but, sometimes both survive.

My horse conceived twins, then we got them both aborted, she then conceived twins again and we left them and she finally gave birth to one healthy foal, it is natural for the horse to sometimes reabsorb one of the twins.

The reason horses cannot have twins is due to the type of placenta they have; it's called a diffuse placenta and it totally surround the foetus and makes contact with all of the uterine wall in the mare. With twins this cannot happen because there is not enough uterine wall for both foetuses to attach to and get sufficient oxygen and nutrients. This usually means one or both foals end up weak and will therefore die. This is why most owners will chose to have the twins aborted rather than continue to term. If detected early enough then one embryo can be manually crushed so only one embryo is left to develop. However if the two embryos are close together this cannot always be done.

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Can a horse have 2 babies at the same time?

Yes a horse can have "twins". But the Foals have a higher risk of death when born as twins.

Is a Gemini a ram or horse?

The zodiac sign for Gemini is neither a ram or a horse.It is a symbol of two people, twins.

Is it possible for a horse to have quadruplets naturally that survive?

No, with twins a natural birth is very risky. If a horse has twins or more either it, its foals, or all of them will die. Twins are 1 in 10,000, and 80% of them die. A horse having more than 2 foals is unheard of.

Can a horse have triplets?

No, they physically cannot have triplets. They can, however, have twins.

How many babies does a horse bear?

Usually a horse has only one foal. Being a very large animal it is rare for a horse to have more than one at a time. However, twins are not unheard of. Twins do not usually live, one of them is usually weaker.

How many ponys could a horse have?

Ponies are not a baby horse. They are a breed of equine that is generally smaller. A horse can normally only one. But they could have twins.

How many number of young should a horse?

Usually one. Twins are very rare and most of the time one of the twins sadly dies :(

How many yuong can a horse have?

Most of the time, just one, but they can have twins. However, twins are 1 in 10,000 and 80% of those 1 in 10,000 die. So live twins are very rare, as there are many complications that come with twins.

What are the release dates for Twins - 2005 Horse Sense 1-8?

Twins - 2005 Horse Sense 1-8 was released on: USA: 4 November 2005 Australia: 9 October 2008

What is the average number of horse babies?

Usually horse only have one baby. Twins are rare and one is usually rejected by the mother.

How many baby horses can palmino have?

normally any horse has one baby at a time. it is rare for a horse to have twins. and extremely rare for them to live.

How many offspring can a horse produce at once?

Only one, twins are VERY rare.

How often are horse triplets born?

it is imposible they vry rarly give birth to twins

Who are pippi longstocking friends?

The twins that live next to her, her father's ship crew, and her horse.

What happens at the end of the book Coal Black Horse?

Rachel gives birth to twins

Pregnancy in horses?

Horses usually have only one baby at a time but once in a wile a horse can have twins. More than likely the twins will have some minor problems. The gestation period for a horse is 11 to twelve months and the monthly cycle of a horse is around every 26 days and lasts about a week.

How many colts can a horse have at a time?

One foal is usually normal, twins is very rare.

How may foals does a horse have on average?

Most likely one, rearly does a mare have twins and survives.

Do you only get one batch of twins when on Howrse you give your horse a hera pack on Howrse?


What is the average number of offspring horses?

A horse usually has one foal, the odd occasion twins.

How many young horse does it produce at one time?

1 is the norm, but on rare occasions a mare may have twins. One is the norm, but on rare occasions a mare may have twins.

Can horses have more than one horse and how much is the maxim?

Most often a horse will have only one baby at a time but once in a long wile you will have a horse that has twins, if this happens it is better to abort one of them because it can cause problems to the mother and may harm or kill one or both twins. I had an odd experience once, my mare was pregnant and when I had her checked I found out that she was carrying twins, I I'm had the twin immediately twin aborted but when she delivered, she had twins! This means she actually would have had triplets and if I had not had the third aborted all four animals would have died.

How many foals can a horse give birth to at once?

Normally only one. But twins are not unheard of, but very rare.

Can a horse have a foal and then have another a couple months later?

No. A horse is pregnant for just about a year. Unless she has twins within a few hours apart there is no way for her to have another foal for at least a year.

How many baby's can a horse have?

Twins are 1/10,000. Most of the few born die. So mostly just 1.