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No, DR's are sworn to secrecy, the only time they can tell anyone else, is if you are going to cause harm to yourself, or someone else. * Based specifically on a positive reading for illegal or controlled substances then no, they would not. However, such hospitals and medical staff are required to release information that is connected with any criminal violation such as a DUI or an assault case, and so forth, when there are indications the person is under the influence of alchohol or a chemical substance.


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You just call them a patient or you could just call them a person.

Well, obviously you call them a patient. O_O

You have to call the hospital, and in a few cases, they will not release this information over the phone.

Because the patient probably has less than 6 months to live, with the condition the patient has.

Call the police and get to a hospital

(in the US) Hospitals and medical facilities are REQUIRED by law to report gunshot victims to the police.

check for responsiveness. If patient is unresponsive, check for pulse. If you found no pulse, call for help and start CPR. If patient is conscious, call for help.

call the police, FBI, or go to the nearest crazy hospital you can.

Call Colt with the sn and they will tell you.

you can't if your sim is hert then get to the phone and call a doctor or police

You will need to call Colt with the sn to find out.

call a policeman or police officer. Call the police force.

The hospital would not know whether you have a warrant or not. However, they will probably call the police to come investigate the gunshot wound, and the police would then find out about the warrant.

You call the police if you know who it is or you can call the cops and have them get a positive i.d. on the person and they will be aressted.

Yes. All doctors in the United States are required to inform a patient who has tested positive for the HIV virus.

Nurses work in call centers to talk to potential patients. The nurse can give advice as to whether the patient should come to the hospital or not.

You can't. Call a doctor. If a doctor can't diagnose it, call a priest or Catholic chaplain if the patient is at the hospital. He'll decide if an exorcist is needed.

A Nurse Call button is found on or very near a hospital bed, it is placed there so that if the patient is having any trouble they simply push the button to summon the nurse. It works by sending a signal to the nurses desk at that time they either come to the patient room or call in to ask what the patient needs.

You will have to call Colt, that sn does not fall in the PPS range.

Colt will tell you for free if you call them.

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