Can a hospital refuse treatment based on their assumption that the patients insurance will not cover treatment?

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If it is a life threating emergency no hospital can refuse treatment. Even if you are a adult and go to a children's hospital. They must stabalize you then they can tansfer you.

Non-profit hospitals are required to provide "community benefits" as a condition of their tax exempt status. Prior to 1969 non-profit status at the Federal level required treatment of all indigent patients. The IRS in 1969 changed the charity care requirements to "community benefits" which include bad debt (uncollected payment from patients who were expected to have been able to pay but didn't), shortfalls from Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, and losses from the types of care that are money-losing such as burn units and neonatal intensive care. Broadening of these definitions led some non-profit hospitals to increase the other community benefits and reduce the charity care.

However, if the hospital is a "Participating Hospital", i.e., takes any government program funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, such as Medicare, and Medicaid, they must treat for emergency care or active labor regardless of the patients' ability to pay, citizenship, etc, and they must treat them like they would any other patient. This bill passed in 1986 and was called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) under COBRA. This effectively covers all hospitals, profit or non-profit since the hospitals can not make it without the patients under government health care programs. The exceptions are the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, and Indian Health Service.

This will vary state to state, too, since states have ammended to include additional rerquirements and define what services must be included.
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Will medical insurance cover treatment for teeth that are knocked out in an accident if you do not have dental insurance?

Answer \n. \nIt probably depends upon the medical insurance company you are with and what coverage you have with them.\n. \n Answer \n. \nI have never seen a medical insurance policy that does not cover teeth knocked out in an accident - even with no dental insurance. I once was reimbursed ( Full Answer )

Are there laws mandating hospitals to treat people that have no insurance or means to pay for treatments?

Metropolitan areas have hospitals that are designated as trauma centers. These hospitals must accept patients regardless of whether they are insured or have the ability to pay. The treatment must be one of necessity and the patient must be admitted through emergency room or the clinic services depar ( Full Answer )

Does dental insurance cover invisalign treatment?

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Can a hospital refuse a dialysis patient treatment who has not had dialysis in two weeks and just moved to the area?

If you present as an Emergency admission, American hospitals must treat you as specified under EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act). If you do NOT present as an emrgency admit, you may or may not get treated. Your chances of entering as an emergency case increase if you are brou ( Full Answer )

Can a drunk refuse medical treatment?

In America:. Yes, up until the point where the patient is declared to be incompetant or temporarily incompetant. At this point, whoever is acting as their personal representitive (e.g in loco parentis ), may require them to accept medical care. Likewise, the court can be petitioned to order the pa ( Full Answer )

Can a doctor refuse treatment to patients?

Yes, although the doctor must inform the patient and is still the patient's caregiver until the patient transfers to another caregiver or sufficient time has passed to do so.. These concepts are rather vague. Here are some examples:. A doctor cannot voluntarily leave a patient in the middle of an ( Full Answer )

Who can refuse cancer treatment?

All patients have the right to refuse treatment if they are capableof refusing. A good example is if you're in a coma. You can'tactually refuse treatment since you can't respond to any questionsconsidering your condition. If you have any more questions regarding alternative cancertreatments don't h ( Full Answer )

What insurance cover fertility treatments?

Standard health insurance typically does not cover fertility treatments. 17 states mandate coverage, for companies employing more than 50 employees. If you work for one of these companies, you will have coverage. If not, you have to be creative.. Here are some options -. Rebate programs will retur ( Full Answer )

Can I refuse treatment?

Patients at any point during their treatment can refuse. Although if in an emergency situation if no prior wishes have been set, actions will be taken to preserve life.

Is pneumonia an in-patient or out patient treatment?

Depends on the patient and the severity. In normally healthy younger people with mild to moderated cases it can usually be managed outpatient with oral antibiotics. In the very young (infants) and the very old, often due the weakness caused by the infection and the susceptibillity of their bodies to ( Full Answer )

Does insurance cover fertility treatments?

Most often not. Some state mandate some level of coverage for companies with more than 50 employees. If you work for a large employer in headquartered in one of these states, that your treatments may be covered. Supplemental health insurance is available to couples in all 50 states, and all emplo ( Full Answer )

Can a doctor refuse treatment if patient cannot pay in full?

Yes. The doctor's fee is payable in full at the time of service, just like going to the grocery store or buying fuel at a gas station. Some doctors will give you the courtesy of filing with your insurance, if you have it. But they can, instead, require YOU to do it. Just because your physician ha ( Full Answer )

Can an insurance company refuse to cover employees because of treatments for illness?

What insurance companies will give cover for will depend on many factors. The nature of an illness and the job someone has and the environment they are working on would be very important factors. Different countries would have different laws on what companies can do, and different companies would ( Full Answer )

Can a hospital and or clinic refuse treatment for a patient if they can not afford to pay their previous hospital bills?

Yes they can, unless the treatment required is considered to be emergency treatment. EMTALA, (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) requires hospitals and ambulance services to treat injured people, regardless of race, color, creed, citizenship, or ability to pay. And the patient may not ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the document a patient can sign that states the hospital will not be to blame if the patient chooses to refuse treatment and leave?

If a patient chooses not to receive the treatment doctors recommend, and the patient is in the ER or in-patient, the patient will be asked to sign a "Left against medical advice" type form. It releases the doctor and facility from any liability if the patient leaves, then gets sicker or dies after r ( Full Answer )

What is the best treatment for an UTI patient?

There are many available treatments for treating UTI; however, itdepends on the severity of the symptoms. Only a doctor canrecommend you the appropriate antibiotics for UTI treatment,especially if the symptoms are recurrent. For more information,visit the Related Links.

Are uterine fibroid treatment covered under insurance?

If it is causing you pain or excessive bleeding , yes, it should be.Ask you Doc's insurance person to get any procedure pre-approved . If your doc believes you need surgery[ in-patient or out-patient, he or she should be willing to argue your case with your insurance company.

What treatment exists for patients with adrenoleukodystrophy?

Treatment for all forms of ALD consists of treating the symptoms and supporting the patient with physical therapy, psychological counseling, and special education in some cases. There is no cure for this disease, and.

What treatment exists for patients with agoraphobia?

Treatment for agoraphobia usually consists of both medication and psychotherapy. Usually, patients can benefit from certain antidepressants, such as amitriptyline (Elavil), or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

What treatment exists for patients with albinism?

There is no treatment that can replace the lack of melanin that causes the symptoms of albinism. Doctors can only treat, not cure, the eye problems that often accompany the lack of skin color. Glasses are usually needed and.

Can a dentist refuse treatment to a patient for not wanting a deep cleaning?

Sure. Added: Under the ADA Code of Ethics I assume that they may not withhold treatment from you for THAT reason alone. However, they could ask (or require) you to sign a medical release form first, releasing them from the liability of your decision to not follow their prescribed course of treat ( Full Answer )

What treatments do blue cross cover for transgender patients?

BlueCross BlueShield doesn't cover any trans*-related medical costs, although some can possibly be disguised as "preventative" treatments. For example, if a transman wants to have a mastectomy, he might be able to get it as a preventative measure against breast cancer (if there is a history of breas ( Full Answer )

Are cosmetic dental treatments covered by insurance?

There are many insurance companies that have their own specific websites. There you can put in your information and they will give you a rate quote for free. Everyone will always have a different rate.

Does insurance cover laser teeth whitening treatments?

"Not all insurances cover the cost of laser teeth whitening treatments. If your insurance does not cover the cost, you may want to talk with your dentist about the cost and a possible payment plan."

Can you be refused medical treatment?

Yes. In the US emergency rooms are obligated to provide an initial evaluation and treatment for life threatening conditions. Other than that treatment can generally be refused.

Can a doctor refuse treatment based on age and type of insurance?

A doctor has the right to refuse to accept a new patient except on the grounds of discrimination. After under a doctor's care, the doctor must provide care unless the doctor terminates the relationship with sufficient notice "long in advance". However, Under the EMTALA law, a doctor and/or hospital ( Full Answer )

When can't a dentist refuse treatment?

Because in the practice of dentistry he or she is putting their hands in your mouth; if they are sick, you get their virus in your mouth.

Are investigations for treatment of Glaucoma covered under Medical Insurance?

There is a confusion among the medical fraternity whether the investigations for treatment of Glaucoma will be covered under Medical Insurance or not. In my opinion as an Insurance Consultant, since Glaucoma is such a disease requiring periodic investigations to ascertain eye pressure,visibility etc ( Full Answer )

How can you get out of country medical treatments covered on your medical insurance plan?

You can get international travel insurance for only the period of time you will be out of the country. Depending on the amount of days/months you will travel, it may be very affordable to add this type of insurance. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will provide for medical expenses while you ( Full Answer )

Are chiropractic treatments covered by insurances?

Chiropractic treatments are covered by insurances, but it takes a little bit of work to get them covered depending on which insurance carrier a person has. HMO's (Healthcare Management Organizations) cover chiropractors on their approved list, and PPO's will cover anyone.