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It is entirely possible that they can place a lien on the house. The hospital is entitled to place a claim against the estate and its assets. If the house is an asset, they can attach a lien to it to get their money.

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Q: Can a hospital take your home if your deceased spouse owes bills?
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Can medicare take your home to pay your deceased mom's hospital bills?


Your Mom died and your father is currently in a nursing home are you or is he responsible for her hospital bills?

If the couple resided in a community property state at the time of the individuals death the surviving spouse might be held accountable for the deceased spouse's medical bills. That would apply even if the surviving spouse is in need of care themselves. However, the outcome of such depends upon the financial status of the surviving spouse and the laws of the state relating to such, for example if the person is on Medicaid. Surviving children or other relatives of the deceased are not responsible for medical bills unless they personally entered into a contract with the medical providers.

If a mobile home in the name of only one spouse and they die is the other spouse resposible for the the debit?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debts. The spouse is going to have to pay the debt as a beneficiary of the home purchased by the spouse.

Can utility companies require spouse pay outstanding bill if spouse is deceased?

Yes, if the spouse is living in the home or benefited from the utility use. The assets of the estate have to be used to clear all debts before anything can be distributed. That includes utility bills and credit card debts.

What happens when a separated spouse will not allow sale of deceased spouses home when there is an executor?

The spouse does have some rights to the home, based on specific laws for the state in question. If their name is on the deed, they can control the sale. Consult an attorney in your state.

In Indiana is the surviving spouse responsible for repayment of debt when the deceased spouse was the only account holder and could a lien be placed on the home?

No, Indiana is not a community property state. Indiana is a Tenancy By The Entirety state which means jointly owned marital property passes directly to the surviving spouse and is not subject to probate procedure not creditor attachment when the deceased spouse was the sole debtor.

Will surving spouse inherit home in deceased name in fl?

That is the normal distribution. If there are others on the deed that may affect things. And a spouse normally has a right to the property for at least a life estate.

If mortgage note is in the name of a deceased spouse but your name is on the deed will your credit be affected if you chose to walk away from the home?

If you are only on the title, then your credit will not be affected.

Is the surviving spouse responsible for paying nursing home bills owed before becoming eligible for medicaid in Virginia?

No, settling up with the nursing home(s) is not an eligibility factor for Medicaid.

In Tennessee is a surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse's debts if there is no estate?

Tennessee is not a community property state, if the surviving spouse was not a joint debtor he or she is not responsible for debt incurred by the decedent. The exeption would be, if there is a home that is encumbered by a mortgage and/or loan the surviving spouse will have to continue the agreement whether he or she was named on the lending contract in order to retain possession of the property.

Do heirs of deceased dad's portion of property willed through tenants in common liable to share expenses with surviving spouse for property taxes or other costs related to the home?

Typically, the surviving spouse who is living in the home under a probate homestead must maintain the home and pay interest on any mortgage debt. The heirs are liable for reductions in principal. The surviving spouse is not required to insure the home, but if she does, she is entitled to the proceeds for any claim.

can the spouse live in the home after the spouse dies under a reverse mortgage?

Yes Watson. But the real question is: can the spouse spouse the home after the reverse mortgage dies live?

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