Can a hotel charge more than one night if you cancel reservation more than 24 hours in advance?

The rules for cancellation are listed on the contract when you book the room. Unless state law says otherwise, when you rent the room for several days, you pay for it, if that is part of the contract. Be careful when you book a room! Most hotels and motels have their rules available in writing and on the internet. If you book a hotel for 3 days over super bowl weekend, you are paying top dollar for your room. The hotel may have a cancellation limit of one ween before. To get the maximum amount of money from those rooms, they must rent them for all three days. They can not rent them at the last moment for full price. If you cancel, you must pay for more than just one day's rent. Still, since they might be able to rent them, you may be able to cut a deal with them. Tell them you will keep them, or you will release them if they will give you something. Managers will deal.