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Can a human have more than one kidney?

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yes a lot of people have only one kidney

The left kidney is larger (and thus heavier) because the liver is above the right kidney and therefore it has less room to develop.

The liver is larger but the heart wieghs more.

no humans do not have more than one anus at all

there are two kidneys in the human body if one kidney is donated there is no effect on the normal functioning of the body

there are for about one million nephrons in a normal human kidney

there is one and only one liver in human body.

you can dieif its just one kidney the other takes over.a healthy kidney has the capacity to process more than 5 times the waste produced by the body.

The human body can usually manage with just one. Many people donate a kidney while still alive, and they survive just fine on one, as does the donor, who would have been someone with double kidney failure.

A kidney stone is called a renal calculus. The plural form, for more than one stone, is renal calculi.

every one knows that the kidney stops growing is around 50

this could be caused by urine backing up to a kidney because of blockage .if there is no hydronephroses then the right kidney could be compensating for a smaller left kidney

I do think that a person can have more than one virus at a time because if you are in a very contaminated area then you can catch more than one virus

Once a person gets more than one stone, others are likely to develop

To survive an human needs either one functioning kidney, or regular treatment by a dialysis machine.

a human is obviouly multicellular, because we have more than one cell.

Some organs are more important and necessary than others. You can't live without a heart or a liver but you can survive just fine with only one kidney.

human for sale... buy one lung get a kidney free

You really only need one kidney and can live a full life with just one. As long as it stays healthy.

Whether kidney stones are more painful than labor and delivery of a baby is subjective. Some patients would agree, while others disagree. One stone may be extremely painful, while other stones may remain in the kidney with no symptoms at all.

Being born with a single kidney means you have to be more careful with it than most people (who have two kidneys) do. Humans only need half of one kidney to provide adequate filtering of the blood, so you should be good - you have 100% more than what you minimally need. However, any kind of kidney infection or disease could reduce your effective kidney quantity below the minimal amount.

Two, one from each kidney to the bladder.

The liver is actually larger than a single kidney. Perhaps because there are two kidneys and only one liver, the liver may seem to be more compact. Personally I see very little difference in the degree of compactness.

No. Only one to a customer. One heart, one aorta.

Renal Papilla - This is a cone-shaped projection of the medulla enclosed by the pelvis. In the pig's kidney there is only one papilla, in man there are many.