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Dream on darlin'. The statistics of abusers are low as far as getting help for their behavior. Firstly, they have built a wall around them that is very strong and they can't get along in life without controlling the situation at least at home. Don't bet your money on this guy. Men often feel there is nothing wrong with them and it's everyone else who is crazy. If you mention he gets help ... duck! He won't take it too well, he'll blame you for everything and he could even become violent. The best thing you can do is take your children and yourself to your local Abused Women's Center or phone Mental Health for their phone #. Leave! Don't look back! You will be given shelter, protection, counselling, and some legal aid. There are good programs for you and your children to take to help you cope better and give you the tools so you don't go back to him or pick another guy that is abusive. Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: Can a husband really stop being an abuser and with therapy become a better loving kinder family man?
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No matter who the abuser is, you must leave the relationship. I think you already know that. Tell the police, or go to a local women shelter. Friends and family, no matter what they say, they want to help you, but I'm not going to lie, some families don't understand the troubles you are going through so if that fails contact authorities, with no relation to your husband. No matter what your husband says he will not stop abusing you. Also, if you have children with your abuser, it is 60% likey that a young boy will grow up to become an abuser himself, and i think around 40-50% chance of a young girl to become abused. I know you wouldn't want that for your children so please try to leave, and no matter what this is not a normal relationship, and you can't do this alone, someone out there will help, friends family officers, or a complete stranger on the computer... wink wink.. lol.. GOOD LUCK be safe. PS DON"T STOP TRYING TO LEAVE!! It will be hard, but in the long run you deserve better, and things will get better!!!

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He/she probably is, but is it possible? Most people who become physically abusive are unable to manage their anger and if they successfully suppress it for a while, it will just make the next event more explosive. You may think that you love your abuser and you may think that he/she loves you. But the simple fact is, NOBODY who truly loves someone would ever want to bring harm. In general, the more the abuser tries to suppress his/her behavior, the more likely it is that there will be enough anger in the NEXT event that it could cause serious harm or even death. Leave the relationship now. Get away to a safe place and if you still want to pursue the relationship demand that your abuser seek counseling. You can even attend the session if the counselor thinks it's a good idea. But never be alone with your abuser until/unless the counselor thinks it's safe. Without therapy, abusive events only get worse, they never get better. Most cities have women's shelters where you can go to get away from your abuser. If you're female, go there and stay for a while. Talk to other victims and some of the counselors. Getting away from the problem and in touch with others who have been through it can help you gain perspective. You cannot change your abuser so save yourself.

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what kind of abuse are we talking about? physical, emotional? Is this a husband ? can you refphrase the question with more info so that I could answer better. :P Hi. Im talking about emotional abuse. I meant to ask what does the abuser do when he sees you getting stronger and begginning to think for yourself more and going on with life without him. When he hears your dating. And why does he spread lies and rumours about me, why not accept that im getting my self esteem back and let me be?

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