Can a illegal that has been deported marry a us citizen an be able to get papers?

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nope! you have to be citizen to marry someone that is a citizens,
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If someone has been in the U.S. illegally for four years is it possible they would be deported if they married a U.S. citizen?

well, yes, if they have no papers it doesn't matter if they have 10 kids and 15 grandkids and a us citizen spouse. you can get deported. the chances of getting caught are so slim now though, but yes. deportation is possible. I married an illigel from mexico, i went to the court house applied for th ( Full Answer )

Could an illegal immigrant who married a US citizen be deported if he files the i-485 and the INS sees he's illegal?

It depends on how the immigrant entered the U.S. If they entered legally, then no they do not have to leave the country. However, if they entered ilegally, they would have to their country of origin. What will happen here: Since you filed an i-485, I imagine that you have a lawyer (stupid not to hav ( Full Answer )

Would a U.S. citizen be able to marry someone who has been deported and bring them back to the U.S.?

Answer Someone may correct this, but in my experience, no. I am in the paper process with my husband, and we are going to have to go to Mexico so he can get a waiver to come back, and this could take months, after the year or so wait for that part of the process to come around. Answer . It is a v ( Full Answer )

Would you get deported if you want to marry a US citizen but have been living in the country illegally?

\n. \n Deportation of an Illegal Alien Upon Marriage \n. \nYou will not get deported. I heard that you can get married only in some states and/or counties. But keep in mind that getting married to an American citizen and getting a "green card" are two different things; somehow related but diff ( Full Answer )

If a US citizen marries a Mexican illegal immigrant in Mexico who has been deported twice and lived in the US under a false identity can he move back to the US with his spouse and become a US citizen?

Answer . \nNot until he/she gets a green card or at least permission by the USCIS, based on your marriage in Mexico. Now about the name jumble: It would be in his/her favor that he/she did not use his/her real name in the USA while illegal, specially since he/she has been deported at least once. ( Full Answer )

What can be done to assist an illegal immigrant married for 6-months to a US citizen who was deported returned illegally and is now awaiting trial?

Answer . \nUnfortunately there is nothing that will change the status of the foreign national as he has broken immigration laws twice and now will be deported and unable to apply for reentry for at least ten years. It is also possible because he "deliberately violated with malice" US immigration ( Full Answer )

Can someone still get a green card if they were voluntarily deported once and reentered illegally and married a US citizen?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNo. Generally a marriage between a US citizen and a foreign national illegal or not would be considered valid. However, in situations where the foreign national has been deported and reentered against US immigration laws a marriage to a citizen would not be legal. \n. \nT ( Full Answer )

Can an illegal alien who was convicted of a felony and deported come back after marrying a US citizen?

\n Deported Aliens and Marriage \n. \n. \nNo. A foreign national who has been found to be unlawfully present for a period of 6 months but less than 12 months will be deported and barred from applying for legal entrance for three years. One who has been found to be unlawfully present for more t ( Full Answer )

If you marry a illegal alien in the US can they still deport him?

Answer . Marriage does not transfer any rights or status to non U.S. citizens. An alien can apply for adjustment of status or for an immigrant visa based on the marriage to a U.S. citizen, but that application has to be approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

If an illegal immigrant married a US citizen just for papers what are the penalties?

Answer . \nIf charged and convicted both parties are subject to a maximum of 5 years in a federal facility and a maximum of a $250,000 fine.\n. \nOnce the imposed sentence has been served the foreign national will be permanently deported to his or her country of origin and the US citizen will h ( Full Answer )

What could happen to a US citizen that is married to an illegal immmigrant if the immigrant spouse is deported?

Answer . \n. \n. \nIf the marriage is legitimate the citizen spouse will not encounter any problems with authorities. If the foreign national spouse was not permanently deported, the citizen spouse can apply for his or her reentry once the imposed time limit has expired.\n. \nIf the marriage ( Full Answer )

If a permanent resident marries a US citizen can he still be deported?

Answer . \nYes, all persons who are not "natural born" US citizens are subject to deportation when it applies.\n. \nEven naturalized citizens can be deported, although the process differs depending upon the amount of time the person has held permanent resident or citizenship status.

Will an illegal alien married to a us citizen be deported for driving under the influence?

Answer . Very possible. Being married to a US citizen has nothing to do with it if you haven't applied for citizenship. Driving under the influence has a lesser of a penalty than driving while intoxicated. Never the less, it is still a crime. If you do get deported, you will not be allowed back ( Full Answer )

Can an illegal alien from Mexico who entered the US illegally is paying child support for his illegal alien children and is married to a US citizen but has no children with his wife be deported?

Yes. He should have had his wife start the procedures to sponsor his citizenship when they got married. If she knew he was illegal, she, too, could face criminal charges for housing an illegal alien. Since no illegal can enter into a legally binding contract, the marriage may not be legal either.

Can an illegal immigrant get married with an us citizen even thow he dont have papers to be in the u.s?

Answer yes but it would take time Yes, an illegal immigrant can get married with an United States citzen even though he doesn't have papers to be in the United States. All he needs to do is to obtain a Mexican Passport at the nearest Mexican Consulate and take this with you when you obtain your ma ( Full Answer )

Can you a US citizen marry an illegal immigrant who has been deported?

Yes. But there is no guarantee the spouse will be re-admitted to the country. It may be possible, but the terms and conditions for the spouse's re-entry into the country will be set by the INS USCIS & the Department of State . And they will vary according to the spouse's nationality and the reaso ( Full Answer )

Will a illegal alien who married a US Citizen be deported after marriage?

First, When the INS catches the illegal alien, they WILL be deported. After paying a $1,000 fine, and waiting 3 to 5 years, the alien may then apply for a marriage visa, a green card, and citizenship in the US at the Embassy in his native Country. If the US Embassy determines that the alien had made ( Full Answer )

How can an illegal alien become a us citizen if they have been deported and have a felony in the US?

It is not possible for an illegal alien who has been deported to become a US citizen. Certain crimes will put a short term bar on the aliens from applying for a visa to enter the US. Even if they manage to get a visa, it will be very difficult to become a US citizen. Their past felonies and deportat ( Full Answer )

Can an illegal immigrant be deported if the have a child that is a us citizen?


After marrying a US citizen can you be deported?

yes you can. Just because you married a US citizen doesn't mean you are safe from deportation, not even a green card guarentees that. You still need to go through the immigration process and attain your green card before you are safe from deportation for being "illegal"

Can a person who was deported come back after marrying a US citizen?

if someone is deported it is not always because of a felony. my boyfriend got arrested in April 2010 for having expired plates on his car while driving. they took him in and because the county works with immigration now they had an interview with them just because he was spanish. when they found out ( Full Answer )

Can an permanent alien be deported if married to a us citizen?

The short answer is yes. Being married to a US citizen is not automatically protection from deportation. Any alien in the US is subject to deportation depending on the circumstances... especially if the alien (legal or undocumented) is involved in criminal activities and is convicted for a serious f ( Full Answer )

If a us citizen marries a Mexican illegal immigrant in the us and has 20 years of deportation can he still get the green card and become a resident of the US?

to my knowledge, if you as an American citizen are LEGALLY married to an illegal, all that you have to do is go to your local immigration office and apply for his residency. it is better if you are married in the u.s. before applying. if you guys married in the u.s. so much the better. make sure tha ( Full Answer )

If I marry an Illegal Immigrant who has been deported and I am a US citizen can he get citizenship?

OK. There is really no simple or easy answer to this question as the answer depends upon several different factors. First of all, how long ago was your loved one deported and for how long were they deported for? Another factor is, if your illegal love is currently in the U.S. during their active ( Full Answer )

If you have an order of deportation and you married a us citizen can you become a resident?

Once you have been ordered to be deported, nothing you do can revoke that order. Even if you marry a US citizen, you will be deported. You can apply to reenter the US but the chances of that application getting approved is very less. Basically, no. Marrying after you have been ordered deported w ( Full Answer )

Can a person with a deportation order married an us citizen?

Yes, of course. But why would you be so cruel to inflict your own banishment on someone you love? Someone did that to my daughter, making her believe living in his third-world country with him would be so wonderful. Well, that fantasy vanished within a few days of marriage, and there are no words fo ( Full Answer )

Can a US citizen get married to a british citizen who was deported?

This is a tough one, and you probably need to consult with an attorney who specializes in immigration law for the best advice/assistance. No one can stop you from getting married to another country's citizen...that is entirely your right. But I think your real question is, "can I bring my spouse ( Full Answer )

What papers do you get as soon as you get married to a us citizen as an illegal alien?

NONE. Marriage to a US citizen does not in any way automatically confer any change in immigration status. Your US Citizen spouse can now petition to have your immigration status changed, but you will almost certainly have to leave the country and return to your home country to pick up the new vis ( Full Answer )