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No, the reason is that there could have been an accident or any other situation. An auto insurance policy must be in force it cannot be back dated.

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Q: Can a insurance company back date a auto insurance policy?
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What happen to an old insurance company called Commercial State Life Insurance Company?

How do I find out who has my policy I had with Commercial State Life INsurance Company

What is needed to do to change a beneficiary on a life insurance policy if they have passed away?

Contact the insurance company and request a change of beneficiary form. They will mail the form to the policy owner. You fill it out and mail it back to the insurance company so they can update your life insurance policy.

Can you get your deductible back when your auto insurance is subrogating?

Yes. In many cases your insurance company may waive your deductible if the third party's insurance company accepts liability.

Can an Insurance Company back date a policy?

No, that is not something an insurer would do even if it were legal, which it is not.

How do you find out if old policy valid through the national life and accident insurance company?

I have an old insurance policy dating back to 1948 is it still good

I have a question about auto insurance Would the policy holder get their money back be reimbursed if they added 1 person to their insurance policy and then took them off right away?

No, the person will not be reimbursed for taking someone off their insurance immediately.

How would you locate the name of an insurance company if you don't have a copy of the policy and you happened to forget their name?

Call your insurance agent, which is most likely a local outfit. They will provide you with the name of your insurance company and also another copy of your policy. You can also go back through your records and see who you made the check out to when you paid for the policy. If all else fails, check your insurance identification card which should be in the glove compartment of your vehicle (if it is auto related). Good luck!

If your auto is hit the other driver's auto insurance pays all medical expenses and so does your health insurance must you reimburse your company?

You do not have to reimburse your insurance company if the accident is the fault of the other driver and the claim is made on their insurance. If the accident is the fault of the other driver and their insurance does not cover everything and you make a claim on your insurance for reimbursement, your insurance will subrogate (collect back) from the other company.

What is look back period in visitors travel insurance?

The pre-existing look back period for a travel insurance policy is the number of days that the insurance company will “look back” to determine if a claim is related to a pre-existing condition. The look back period is generally between 60 and 180 days prior to the travel insurance policy's purchase date depending on the policy selected.

How do you replace the glass in the back hatch of a 97 caravan?

Not a DIY job. Take it to a professional auto glass shop. Check with your insurance company, and see if this is covered under your policy. Lots of times it is with no deductible.

If you cash in a life insurance policy do you have to pay taxes on it?

"Insurance and Taxes. No. All proceeds or withdrawals from any insurance policy are not taxable." This is not true. If you cancel a life insurance policy, the growth on the cash value IS TAXABLE. If you do not surrender your policy, the money is taken as a loan and therefore not taxable, but interest that has to be paid back to the insurance company grows.

Can you drawn funds from life insurance policy with United Investors Insurance Company?

If the policy that you have with United Investors is a whole life policy and has accumulated cash value then you can take a policy loan against it. And then you would pay that money back plus interest which is basically like paying yourself back. Or you can cash in the life insurance policy and take the cash value with you

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