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Yes, of course.

Obviously it needs protection from foul odour in the form of a trap.

ANS 2 - YES, it can - but what was it plumbed into before?


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An electrical outlet can not be placed behind a sink. If the outlet is witin 6 feet of a sink it must be GFI protected.

Dishwasher line is hot water. Tie ice maker into 1/2 inch cold line going to kitchen sink.

If it's an outlet that's round with many holes it is probably the drain in the sink.

Most new installations in new homes will have this feature. It is for a "garburator" which is connected to the kitchen sink outlet. There is usually a switch mounted on the wall near the sink for switching it on and off. The switch is usually mounted in a two gang junction box. The other device in the junction box is an electrical receptacle.

They're usually piped together using either a middle or end outlet fitting, into a trap, and piped to drain line under sink.

It depends on sink. Kitchen sink is a very generic term, not all kitchen sinks have the same size,

In the bathroom like every other kitchen sink

As in 'sink a boat' or 'the kitchen sink'?

Maybe 600 for a kitchen sink to be installed.

Bath sink is not vented properly so it is using the kitchen sink as the vent.

There are many ways to unclog a kitchen sink. You could poor chemicals meant to dissolve gunk down the sink.

the capacity of a kitchen sink would be quarts

Average kitchen sink is 20 litres.

It is a sink, what else do you think it can be.

The sink or 'wash basin' is general found in front of the woman occupying the kitchen

A standard stainless steel double well kitchen sink is 6" deep.

A large double kitchen sink will hold about 12 gallons

A small water heater that plugs in under a sink and heats a small amount (usually about two litres) of water for instant use. It must be plumbed into the regular hot supply, and always requires an electrical outlet under sink (sometimes 220) . Quite efficient heater, but a big power user.

Move the water heater heater closer to the kitchen sink or you can purchase a water heater unit that you can put under the kitchen sink that will allow you to get hot water faster.

It could. An average single tub kitchen sink is about 25 litre.

About 3 feet, but if your not going by code, i think you could go 4 feet and be ok

What kind of TITLE are you thinking about giving your sink?

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