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Laminate floor cannot be refinished. It will have to be replaced. Hardwood flooring can be refinished.


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Remove the laminate floor first

Unless the floor is buckling from an expansion problem then the laminate just follows the floor below it. The time to fix it is before the laminate is installed.

If the vinyl is down tight , the answer is YES, Laminate con go over it

Pergo is a Laminate floor not a composite, but the answer is no the wax will neither harm nor help a laminate floor

It is estimated that a laminate floor can last up to 20 years, before it needs replacing.

A laminate wood floor product is better since it uses less actual wood that an all wood floor does.

No!!!! Please don't do this. You will ruin your floor. no, never. Steam cleaners and steam mops leave to much water on a laminate floor.

No, it will clash and look terrible. Get rid of the laminate and lay a solid wood floor. mark

You shouldn't use any wet products on laminate floors.

No, laminate is floating type of floor installed over an insulation pad. Hardwood floor has to be nailed, stapled or glued to the subfloor. If you do manage to install hardwood on top of laminate sooner or later your Laminate floor will expand due to high temperature or humidity and it will create gaps between hardwood planks.

I use floor laminate cleaners on a soft cloth. Follow the manufacturer directions for the floor and your table top will look great!!

Yes. You should use a good quality underlay with it though to reduce the noise of the laminate knocking on the tiles.

No because the old floor is also floating.

No. You have to glue your linoleum on the hard surface, but Laminate is a floating floor and always move.

Whomever is actually finishing the floor.

Most likely, if the floor was glued, it was glued with an industrial product such as PL Premium. Many laminate floors are installed as 'floating' floors which does not require glue. Unfortunately if it is difficult to pull up the laminate you may need to remove the sub floor in order to ensure a flat surface to work with when installing the new floor. If the laminate flooring does pull up and leaves indentations and low spots, simply skim coat the floor with a floor leveler product before installing the final floor.

Laminate flooring is a synthetic wooden floor which stimulates the texture and look of a wooden floor. It usually has a photographic layer of wood grain on top. Easy to install.

Because it shouldn't be there ! -Laminate flooring is supposed to be laid on foam mat and left 'floating', NOT glued to the floor.

Laminate floors are very simple usually hardwood looking floating (meaning you don't actually fasten them to the substrate) floors. Any type of true laminate floor does not actually attach itself to the floor, so as long as your floor is flat, you can install a laminate floor that locks to itself rather than locking to it;s substrate. there are some more requirements, but the requirements all depend on your particular installation.

form_title= Formica Laminate form_header= Create a beautiful floor with formica laminate. What is the square footage of the space?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old flooring?*= () Yes () No Will you install the laminate yourself?*= () Yes () No

Refinishing is based upon the amount of wear that a floor receives. In a residence where there a limited number of people using the floor a floor will only need to be refinished after 15 years or so, if you think it's worth the expense.

Laminate wood flooring is a highly durable, cost-efficient alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Scratch, fade and stain resistant, laminate wood flooring never needs to be replaced or refinished. Laminate flooring is a composite material with several layers that make it strong and attractive. Available in a wide variety of colors, plank widths and wood styles, laminate flooring is versatile and will add style and class to any decor. Easy to install with a simple click joint or locking system, laminate floors don't require glue or nails and can be fully installed over an existing floor in a matter of a weekend.

New laminate flooring & the locking system needs to settle. Give it 1 - 2 weeks.

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