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Can a landlord put a lien on your vehicle if you do not pay the rent?

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Don't think so, but could after getting a civil judgment against you.

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How do you use landlord in a sentence?

I have to pay rent to my Landlord

How can I sell a vehicle in Texas that has a mechanic's lien?

Either pay off the lien and then sell the vehicle, or sell the vehicle and use the money to pay off the lien.

If I move 3-4 months before my lease is up and don't pay the remaining rent can the landlord put a lien on my credit?

Yes, if you break your lease, the landlord will take you to court, and will likely be awarded whatever rent you owe. If you do not pay the judgement, they have the option of putting a lien on your credit. Your best option would be to carefully read your lease, then talk to your lanlord about leaving early. If you find a new tenent that the landlord agrees to rent to, you may be able to leave with no negative consequences.

Can a landlord knock on your door for the month's rent?

This depends on the policy of your landlord. In most leases it states when, where, and how you pay your rent.

Do you have to pay rent to landlord when the property is in default?

of course but u have to pay 3 times the rent

Can my ex-landlord collect unpaid rent during my bankruptcy I no longer live there discharge was July rent due was for June?

Not if you listed your landlord as a creditor on your bankruptcy petition and that there is excess property to pay your landlord after secured creditors and your exemptions. Unpaid rent is an unsecured debt. If a judgment lien is filed, you can avoid it if filed shortly before bankruptcy filing.

Do you still have to pay your landlord if house is for sale?

If your landlord is selling the house you have to continue paying the rent for it, whether to the old landlord or to the new one. Your old landlord will give you notice about when they have sold the property, and the new landlord will give you instructions on how to pay them the rent.

Do i Have to pay rent when landlord is selling property and tells me i have 3 months to move?

Yes, you have to pay rent.

Do you pay a water bill if you rent?

you pay it for rent and if you don't it will go to you're rent bills.Your rent may or may not include utilities. Check with your landlord.

What can a landlord do if tenants did not pay their rent and left?

They could sue the tenant for back rent.

How can a landlord collect rent when a tenant files bankruptcy?

Rent is not covered under bankruptcy: a landlord still has the right to collect rent and evict tenants who don't pay.

If mom loaned money to buy something of value and you have a note to repay her can a 2nd party commer landlord file a lien against those items to repay rent that you owe landlord tx Who has 1st lien?

The first thing you should do is to pay the rent. The lien means that you cannot sell the property without the proceeds going to the landlord. In any case, since you still owe your mom the money for the purchase, you can't sell the stuff anyways. Keep paying your mom, and start paying the landlord what you owe. Keep copies of the checks and good records. Re: Who has 1st Lien? Everything depends on who has already placed a lien against the 'item(s) of value'. If your mom didn't register your 'promissary note' to repay her in the county recorder's office and get first lien position against the item(s), then the landlord may have filed a lien and taken first lien position. The landlord has legal right to file a lien against your property for rent owed through contract, regardless if they are placed in the first, second, or whatever lien position. The fact is the item(s) had the lien(s) attached to them to limit your ability to collect any proceeds from the sale of the item(s) before the lien amount(s) are satisfied.

Water pipes busted who's has to pay for the repair?

your home you pay. you rent landlord pay

Who owns the vehicle you or the lien holder?

Well, you own the vehicle subject to the lien. You cannot sell or refinance the vehicle until the lien holder is paid. If you don't pay the lien, the lien holder can repossess the vehicle. So you own it subject to your paying the loan.

Can the landlord make you pay your rent only in money order?

You can pay them with cash or check.

Do you have to pay rent to a landlord who's property is in default?

Yes, you have to pay rent to a landlord whose property is in default. As long as the landlord still has control over the property he can still collect rent from you and evict you if it's not paid. A foreclosure of a home is a matter between the owner of the home and his lender, not the tenant.

Your rights to not pay rent?

No such thing as the right not to pay rent: whenever you are renting from a landlord you have to pay rent or leave-- plain and simple. Now, what people mostly address is certain tenant rights, including to have a safe, decent, healthy, and functional place to live. If any of those rights are breached by the landlord, there are remedies the tenant can take-- but failing to pay rent is not one of them. He can either sue the landlord, or, in the case of essential repairs, given the proper notice of at least seven days before the next rent is due, offset the costs of repair from the rent. Keep in mind that the landlord could still evict you if you do this, but if it's for essential repairs, such as the water heater, the landlord is likely to lose the case and the tenant can sue for up to three months of rent abatement and/or other damages as applicable by state law. Another common issue about rental rights: if a landlord is under foreclosure do I still have to pay rent to him? Yes, you do, as long as the landlord has control over the property, and the landlord can evict you if you don't pay.

Wt do the tenants give when they cant pay rent to the landlord?

The keys.

Can you refuse to pay rent until your landlord maked the necessary repairs?


Can you put a lien on someones trailer if they don't pay you their lot rent they owe you?

You need to sue for back rent and if you are successful you can request a judgment lien. The lien can be filed against the property.You need to sue for back rent and if you are successful you can request a judgment lien. The lien can be filed against the property.You need to sue for back rent and if you are successful you can request a judgment lien. The lien can be filed against the property.You need to sue for back rent and if you are successful you can request a judgment lien. The lien can be filed against the property.

How long by law does a landlord after 15 days late on rent does a landlord have to give you to get rent paid before the can ask you to move?

A landlord can, at any time, initiate eviction proceedings against the tenant if he fails to pay his rent on time. Normally the landlord does this after the fifth day of default.

If I file chapter 13 I am I still obligated to pay my landlord rent?

Sure! Rent is not a bankruptcy issue.

If my landlord terminates my one year lease early what are the consequences to the landlord?

As long as you pay the rent, you don't have to leave.

Should a tenant pay rent to a landlord who has lost his renters privilege?

If he lost his renters privilege, he is no longer a landlord

The home I am renting was recently sold through foreclosure. Do I still pay rent to my landlord?

Definitely not. The previous owner is no longer your landlord, and not entitled to any rent.