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Can a landlord sue you?

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The landlord certainly can.

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Can a landlord sue the survivor of a tenant?

The landlord could sue the decedent's estate.

Can we sue our landlord if he is hurt on the property by a bully and the landlord has been informed?

You cannot sue your landlord unless you suffered damages due to his negligence.

Can a landlord evict and sue for back rent?

IF you owe the landlord rent, why wouldn't or shouldn't he be able to sue you!

In a tenancy at will situation can a tenant sue the landlord for trespass?

See answer to related question, "Can a tenant sue a landlord for trespass?"

Can you get your landlord for being slanderous?

You can get (sue) anyone for slander: your landlord is no different.

Can a landlord sue a tenant?


How do I sue my landlord?

You would sue a landlord in the same way as you would sue anyone else.Then find a legal representative and sue your landlord. Be sure to tell your legal representative everything relevant to the case. If you haven't done this before a no-win-no-fee representative would be a good idea.You would sue your landlord as you would sue anyone else: in civil court. There are no special courts for tenants to sue their landlords, like there are courts for landlords to sue their tenants, which are only for evictions.

What kind of judement do you get from a landlord for back rent?

Your landlord can evict you and sue for back rent.

Can a landlord sue you if you break a lease?


Can a landlord sue you for back rent?


How long does a landlord have to sue in Michigan?


Can a landlord sue for future rent if you are unjustly evicted?

In most states a landlord cannot sue for future rent if they evicted you, as you did not voluntarily move out of the apartment.

If the landlord breaks the lease can you sue for back rent?

Yes the landlord can be sued for breaking the lease.

How much can a landlord sue you for in back rent?

AnswerYou should check the laws in your area. In most small claims courts there is a maximum amount that a plaintiff can sue for and it varies depending on where you live. This is the maximum that a landlord can sue for in back rent, if in fact you owe it. Answer There is no limit to the amount of back rent a landlord can sue for. If you lived in a property and did not pay the agreed-upon rent, the landlord can sue you for it.However, if the amount of rent you owe exceeds the jurisdictional limit of the small claims court in your state, the landlord must sue you in a higher court (civil court) to collect the full amount of unpaid rent.

Can a landlord sue without a valid lease?


Can a landlord sue for rent with no signed agreement?

Of course.

Can a new landlord sue a tenant if there is no lease?


Can a landlord sue for not giving 30 days notice?

The landlord has an obligation to try to rent the unit for the next month. If he doesn't, he could sue for whatever rent he lost.

What can you do when your landlord is lying about you to other landlords while you are trying to find a new home?

You can sue the landlord for slander.

Can i sue my landlord for damage?

Sure, but this would be done in normal civil court, not landlord-tenant court

Is it all right to sue a landlord?

Without any information as to where, when, why, and what, it's impossible to tell you if it's alright to sue your landlord. If your landlord breaches your lease or committed a criminal offense that damaged you or your property, then yes, it's alright to sue. If you're looking for revenge after an eviction or for no breach of your lease, then it's not alright.

Can you sue your landlord if you were burglarized and they did not provide the security they promised?

You can try.

Can a landlord sue evicted tenet for property damage?


Can a landlord sue a tenant for remander of lease after evection?


Can you sue the landlord for being evicted from an illegal apartment?


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