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Yes. Any property owner can have your vehicle removed for ANY or No reason whatsoever. For instance, when you go to Wal-Mart, the manager can have your vehicle removed. Even if it is in a regular parking place. But this is just an example, not the norm.

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Q: Can a landlord tow your vehicle if you live on the property and you register at the front office at the time of moving in?
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Do you have to pay tax to register your vehicle that you are moving into Michigan?

yes, you do have to

When moving in to a flat that has not been rented before is a landlord responsible for cleaning the carpets?

Yes I'm a landlord and your landlord is responsible for cleaning your flat before moving in

Can the landlord hold property due to balance of rent due?

Generally, no. The possession of someone else's property for a debt is a "pledge" or "security agreement" that goes well beyond the mere obligation to pay rent. In other words, the tenant must AGREE to allow the landlord to have a security interest in the tenant's property. However, if the landlord has accrued moving and storage fees for the tenant's property, the landlord often has an automatic "lien" on the property for payment of those expenses, but not the overdue rent. When the landlord perfects the lien, holds a public auction and sells the tenant's property, the landlord can usually only keep the amount of profit (if any) that covers the expenses, unless there is also a court order that the tenant owes other rent, penalties, fees, interest, costs, etc.

My friends landlord lowered their rent for them and then we moved in with them and now their moving away can the landlord raise our rent back up?

If your friends landlord lowered the rent for him/her and then after moving in with him/her, he/she decides to move out, then the landlord will most likely raise the rent again.

Can a renter sue in small claims court for constructive eviction?

You can only sue in small claims court for damages. Landlord and tenant cases are only opened by landlords, not the tenant. If, under constructive eviction clause, you exercise your right to move out of that property and the landlord keeps your security deposit and any other payments you made before moving into the property - except for the first months rent unless that's when you're moving out, then you have the right to sue the landlord to reclaim that money.

When a tenant makes a permanent improvement to a rented residential property should the tenant leave it when moving?

Yes. Since the tenant affixed the improvement to the property, it becomes a fixture, which belongs to the landlord. An exception to this is if there was an agreement between the landlord and tenant, or if the landlord gives permission for the improvement to be removed. Standard picture hooks, and other like objects, do not constitute fixtures, and may be removed if they belong to the tenant.

If photographs taken as evidence of damage to a property were taken 8 months prior to the tenants moving into the property has the landlord committed the offense of contempt of court?

If photos were taken eight months prior to the tenant moving in and the landlord is using this as evidence of that tenant's damages then he is NOT committing an offense of Contempt of Court: he is committing the offense of PERJURY, or lying to court and creating false evidence, which is even more serious.

How long do you have to register your car in Maryland?

Jan 8, 2009: From As a new resident of Maryland you must register your vehicle within 60 days of moving to Maryland.

If renter has to move from a rental property because of landlords fault who is responsible for moving costs?

If the lease is month to month, the landlord just has to give you a month notice and you are gone. If there is a lease that is still in effect, the landlord is responsible for costs that you incurred as a result of the breach of the lease.

What to do when a landlord steals personal property when you are in between moving to one of his other properties?

You do what you would do when any theft occurs; you file a police report and have him charged with theft. Now because he is still your landlord, you might approach him and ask if you can have your property back before you involve law enforcement. Either way, you might want to consider finding a new residence.

Is a contract between a month to month renter and a subleasee valid in California without the property owner knowing about it?

You should revisit your lease to determine whether you can sublet without the landlord's permission. Most of the time, you have to speak to the landlord before moving someone in your apartment or home.

Is it illegal to shoot game from a moving vehicle?

yes it is illegal to shoot from a moving vehicle.

Money paid in advance of moving into a living space to the landlord or property manager to be used for repairs or damage done to the space beyond the normal wear and tear expected is called a?

Security deposit.

Is the landlord responsible for repairing the non working phone jack in my apartment in Indiana?

Yes, an internal phone jack that existed prior to you moving in (meaning you did not have it installed) is a permanent fixture of the property. It's therefore the landlords responsibility to maintain and keep up to code any permanent fixtures of their property.

What is the fine for not moving a vehicle for street sweeper cleaning?

The fine for not moving a vehicle for street sweeper cleaning varies depending on location. In Lakewood, California the fine for not moving your vehicle is $40.

Why is it dangerous to jump out of a moving vehicle?

because it is moving

Can you sit in the tailgate of a pickup truck?

It depends on the situation. If the vehicle is not moving, you are allowed to sit on the tailgate. If the vehicle is moving, you are not allowed as it is a moving violation since passengers cannot ride on the exterior of any vehicle.

If you don't have a lease does the landlord have any rights?

There are inherent rights for both parties by state law. You are renting his property, and you should adhere to commonly accepted behavior--just by being a decent person. It does not excuse late payments, poor treatment of the property, or moving out without notice.

How fast is a vehicle moving with a slow moving vehicle sign on it?

It is moving at a maximum legal speed of 25 mph. However, it could be going slower. Legally, even if the vehicle can exceed 25 mph, it is not supposed to.

If a tenant hasn't signed a contract and on day of moving in landlord changes mind where does he stand?

First of all, you don't move into a home until the landlord actually gives it to you, which is hallmarked by the passing over of the key(s). Once you have the key, you have the property or unit in your hand. Usually you are not given the key unless you and the landlord have signed the lease or contract and you have worked out the move-in costs, such as the rent and security deposit. That being said, the landlord could change his mind if he hasn't given you the key(s). If you paid everything beforehand the landlord then must return the money to you. If no money changed hands and no keys changed hands, then nothing has changed-- so get back into your moving truck and go somewhere else!

Is throwing a small rock at a car vandalism?

throwing any type of missile of any size at a vehicle is an offense against someone else's property. If the vehicle is moving the charges can amount to much more than vandalism.

What phobia is the fear of being in a moving vehicle?

Ochophobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of being in a moving automobile or vehicle

Is a tint violation a moving violation in California?

No its not a moving violation. Moving violations are a kind of violation that you get when your vehicle is moving.

How is the tenant affected when a landlord files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

It depends on the way the house is included in the bankruptcy. If the mortgage is up to date and the landlord is reaffirming the mortgage, there should be no effect. If the landlord is abandoning the property to the mortgagee, you will either get a notice to start paying rent to the mortgagee or a notice to quit or both. Talk to a bankruptcy lawyer right away, as there are some things you may be able to do to delay things or get help moving.

If you hit a parked car in a parking lot is that a moving violation?

Yes, you were moving. No, tickets are not generally issued for events on public property. That isn't to say that you won't be penalized by your current insurance company for causing damage to another vehicle.