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Can a late and short period followed by dizziness nausea cramping and bloating be signs of pregnancy?


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it can be maybe you should take a test to be sure

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Home pregnancy tests rarely give you a false-positive. If two pregnancy tests have shown positive, I would say that you are definitely pregnant. The may've mucked up the blood test. Judge for yourself if you have any other signs of pregnancy. Sore breasts? Nausea? Dizziness and headaches? Bloating?

Cramping starts first then the bleeding usually follows not long after or u can have discharge followed by pain, then heavy bleeding.It just depends on the stage in pregnancy

Well no one can really give you a definite answer on that because i experienced cramping during my entire pregnancy on and off and my son is now 2 years old and very healthy.... As long as your cramping isn't followed with any bleeding then you should be fine everybody is different. Just stay prayed up and everything will be fine....

If you got your period there is an extremely good chance that you are not pregnant because the function of a period is for the body to flush away what it sees as waste when it realizes that it is not pregnant. The "symptoms" associated with pregnancy and the symptoms associated with PMS are very similar. Tender breasts, cramping, nausea (for some people), sleepiness or restlessness, mood changes, bloating, desire for certain foods, etc. An over the counter home pregnancy test will set your mind at ease if you are still concerned. they are inexpensive and shockingly reliable when the directions are followed.

Usually, Dizziness is followed by fainting. Dizziness can be treated by giving your body a little more sodium and less caffeine. Drink Gaterade or Vitamin water. Hope this helps =]

dizziness, followed by a fever and small buboes

Symptoms of miscarriage include but are not limited to: heavy bleeding, bright red bleeding, clots, cramping, loss of pregnancy symptoms, dizziness, and abdominal pain. If you feel that you could be having a miscarriage or have any type of bleeding during pregnancy you should call your Dr. If you are having heavy bleeding (more than 1 pad per hour), back/shoulder pain, smelly discharge, yellow/green discharge, or fever you should go to the ER immediately.

This sounds like some of the early signs of pregnancy. Women may experience implantation bleeding and light "menstrual" cramps, as the uterus readies itself for the embryo. If your cycles are regular, use an online due date calculator to see how far along you may possibly be - such as at Then, you can determine if you're far enough along for a pregnancy test. If the cramping is severe and on "each side" of the womb, you may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. But if the cramping and bleeding subside, no worries. Just trust your gut, and try not to scare yourself. My first pregnancy had ligament cramping so severe that it would wake me out of my sleep in tears... but it always subsided. And 9 lbs 9 oz of healthy baby followed. So, hold on for a little while, and take a pregnancy test! And be sure to discuss any pains with your midwife, naturopathic doctore, etc.

Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol given to you by the doctor before 9 weeks of pregnancy.

A rapid fall in blood pressure that causes dizziness, blurred vision, and fainting, and is often followed by prolonged fatigue

Cramps followed by diarrhea can be a sign of an eptopic pregnancy so you should visit your doctor to let them check it out.

Not necessarily. Some women suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). it is a group of symptoms that could often occur right before your monthly cycle begins. Cramps, bloating, irritability, fatigue and headache are all symptoms. If it is something that you are not used to experiencing or if they are followed by a missed period you should consult with your doctor. Cramps in early pregnancy aren't really common but can occur (everyone is different).

Fever, Diabetes. If you're healthy, - anxiety and inexperience at handling stress-inducing situations - not eating properly - lack of sleep

No. The symptoms of pregnancy are a missed period and positive pregnancy test.

This practice is to mainly avoid muscle cramping that can occur when strenuous activity is immediately followed by rest. Most professionals refer to this as "cooling down".

This sounds like a problem with circulation,and also could be plaque if you have problems with cholesterol.

No. If you have a confirmed pregnancy the contraceptive pill will not make you abort. Only Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol will. Or Cytotec.

Pregnancy is the most widely searched health term, followed by cancer.

Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol. You get them directly from the doctor and take the first one at his office.

Up to 9 weeks it's Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol. You get them from the doctor only.

Yes, Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol. You get them from the doctor only.

as soon as the test results turn positive lol Wrong.... pregnancy signs can start just days after conception. I had sore breasts that lasted from ovulation and are still going. Just had a positive test a couple days ago. Some women have cramps during implantation, and even have spotting, followed by bloating. It just depends on your body. With my first before I had a positive, I was getting upset at everything crying all the time, and I ate a roast beef sandwich every morning! LOL

Hot flashes are the number one symptom when it comes to menopause. The second most common symptom is dizziness, followed closely by body aches.

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