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Can a lawyer from another country practice in the US?

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Not unless they become members of the bar in the appropriate state. Each state sets up the requirements to practice law in their state, and it varies, but in general: Complete a law degree (There are a few states that do not require that) Take and pass the Professional Responsibility Exam Submit a completed application that includes citizenship, fingerprint checks, background investigations and criminal record check. Take and pass the State Bar Exam. You can apply to transfer your membership from one state to another and some states will allow this, others will not. (Florida does not, too many retired attorneys wanting to retire there.)

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What can you do if you are overstaying in the US but get married to a US citizen and go back to your country but then cannot come back to the US?

Talk to a lawyer. It can be very hard to get into the country, but a lawyer can tell you what to do to improve your chances and speed the process.

How do you sponsor a person from another Country that comes to the US?

How do you sponsor a person coming from another country to the US

Can a us lawyer represent a foreigner in a police abuse legal action in Australia?

In most countries a lawyer needs to be registered to practice law at the bar of the contry in which a trial is to be held. Thus the US lawyer would need to be so registered to formally represent a client in Australia.

How do you become a international lawyer I live in the US but i want to be a lawyer in Euroasian country what do i do Do What exactly is international law?

You must become a international layer first.

How to become a lawyer in US?

To become a lawyer you will need to first obtain an undergraduate degree. The next step is to obtain a law degree through education at a law school. A lawyer must also pass the bar exam for the state they intend to practice in.

How do you Report US Citizenship Fraud from another country?

report to the US consulate or embassy in that country.

Can a US citizen get another citizenship?

A US citizen cannot also be a citizen of another country.

What countries does the USowe?

The US does not own any countries, The US itself is a country. A country can't own another country.

Who worked as a lawyer before entering politics?

One of most famous lawyer in the United States, and also known about world wide is the President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln had a law practice with another attorney before he entered into presidential politics. Many people from other countries know the name of Lincoln because he was the US President during the US Civil War.

How much does a lawyer get paid each year?

It depends on the type of lawyer, who they work for, and where they are located. Government lawyers can make as little as 40,000 a year. Private practice attorneys can do really well if they have a good reputation, and a good practice. In the long run, money is not a good reason to decide to be a lawyer. Most of us do not make the money necessary to justify the cost of the education.

Can your spouse remarry in another country if you are still married in the US?

No if he/she marry in another country the marriage will be not validated.

What if the man is married to a woman who lives in another country and has been separated for 6 years and she wont cooperate with a divorce?

See your lawyer, if this is in US then you dont need her to get divorced, in US someone cannot force you to stay married to them.,. unless your a muslim

Does the Supreme Court control the practice of law in New York?

No. The practice of law is controlled by the state.Generally a person must be admitted to the bar by the jurisdiction in which they wish to practice. Every US state has its own rules for admission to the state bar. A lawyer who is licensed to practice law in one state is not automatically allowed to practice law in another state.Admission to the state bar does not entitle an attorney to practice in federal court. There is a separate admission process in each federal district. An attorney who wants to practice in the US Supreme Court must complete the requirements and process to do so.

Does an adult illegal alien that was brought to the US as an infant have to leave the country to become a US citizen?

I would see a lawyer. I am sure there is a way.

Can you get divorced by a US court if you are not US citizen and you were married in your country?

Yes, I know someone personally who was able to do it. You may need to get a lawyer to assist you.

Who was the first African American to practice law in the US?

The first African American to practice law in the US was Macon Bolling Allen in 1844. After four years of being a lawyer, he became the first African American to hold a judicial position in Massachusetts.

Which 17 states border another country?

There are not 17 states that border another country in the US only 16

What countries belong to us?

No countries belong to another country. If that was the case then the "country" wouldn't be a country.

Can you buy songs from the US iTunes if you live in another country?

No you have to be in the country that you live in

Can a us citizen parent have a baby in another country and they will be a citizen in that country?


Which country is the only one to drop an atomic bomb on another country?


Can an English lawyer become a US attorney?

Yes, they can become a US attorney. They will have to pass the bar exam for the state they wish to practice in. And meet the other requirements for background checks, etc.

What is the salary of a divorce lawyer in the US?

Salaries for divorce lawyers can vary by the location where they practice family law. Their salary can be from about $50,000 and up per year.

Can a UK lawyer process probate in the US?

An attorney must be licensed by the state (where the legal work will be performed) in order to practice law in the United States.

Does US credit follow you if you move to another country?