Can a LCD tv be used in the Caribbean?

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to answer your question yes. furthermore just like other TVs the lcd tv just needs to be plugged in.. finally, i have an lcd in my living room
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Do all LCD TVs use a DC adapter?

No they don't. Smaller LCD televisions use them to save space inside the cabinet and also to reduce build cost. External power supplies can be added to suit the various markets where the television will be sold and each is tested for safety and quality, saving the manufacturer money during developme ( Full Answer )

Which is better an LCD TV or Plasma TV?

I think that most people prefer LCDs (liquid crystal display) overplasma (depending on manufacturer) because of their lower energyconsumption and plasma's are susceptible to image burn-in, whichbasically means that your colors will eventually lose sharpness andget darker (also creating a "shadow" im ( Full Answer )

Can a LCD TV be used as a computer monitor?

Using LCD TV for Computer Monitor . Depending on the manufacturer and the capabilities of your computer, yes, it's possible. Many people do use LCD TV's for their computers for gaming and general computing use. The larger screen of the big sets really do make for great viewing of pictures and DVD ( Full Answer )

Can a LCD monitor be used as a tv screen?

Monitors by definition have no tuner, so to use one as a TV you would need a tuner card in your computer. There were some tuner boxes for that purpose but they never caught on. Some tivo type boxes will use a monitor too.. Yes it can as long as it has the correct input cables.

How can I use my LCD TV as a computer screen?

First, the connections:If your PC has a VGA connector as the display output, you need to look for a VGA connector on the back of the television. Sometimes, you might find 5 separate connectors marked as RGBHV instead, but the VGA connector is most common.If your PC has a dVI connector, look on the t ( Full Answer )

What is better westinghouse LCD TV or vizio LCD TV?

It depends upon the size and model. Each LCD TV manufacture has average and above average televisions. You really need to compare the features of each model in the size you are interested in.

What is the best type of cable to use too hook up to your LCD TV?

\nYour best bet is RG-56 cable. Mainly because of the bandpass characteristics and less capacitance and resistance per foot (loss) as compared to RG-59.\n. \nBe sure that you also use a cable that has a higher amount of shielding to prevent interference from outside radio frequency sources, such a ( Full Answer )

Is a plasma or LCD TV better for use as a computer monitor and what are the pro and cons?

\nMost current plasma and LCD TVs can be used as monitors and many people do use it as such - especially for kiosks and signage.\n. \nThe drawback is typically lower resolution for these types of applications. You pay alot of money for these big displays and a 720p display is much cheaper than a 1 ( Full Answer )

Which is better a lcd TV or crt TV?

Each one is better than the other for different reasons. CRT is best for longevity and is way more durable as you can take a baseball bat to a CRT screen with a very considerable amount of force and suffer no damage while a whiffle bat will destroy an LCD. LCDs on the other hand are much easier to t ( Full Answer )

Is a LCD TV a high definition TV?

It depends on the LCD you get. LCD, Plasma, and Rear Projection TVs all come in various models with different capabilities. If you're looking for the highest HD picture capability you can get then look for a TV that can handle a 1080p signal. 1080i and 720p are also considered high def, but 1080p is ( Full Answer )

What do you use to clean a LCD television?

Windex. Answer Screen wipes, from computer stores and electric shops. The outer portion of an LCD may be some type of optical coating so it is best not to use any solvents on it other than soap and water. Use a soft cloth and a dilute solution of soapy water. Finish with a clean, dry and soft ( Full Answer )

How many watts does a 32 inch lcd tv use?

The power consumption will vary with manufacturer/model etc. but it will always be on a label on the TV, normally near the power cord connection on the back of the TV.. I've recently been looking in stores, and I'd say approx 90-130 watts.

Which is better LCD TV or LED TV?

There is confusion about LED televisions. LCD televisions require a light source behind the LCD panel. The liquid crystals act as shutters to let light pass and so they create the image. Conventional LCD television use cold cathode fluorescent lighting behind the LCD layer. More recently, LEDs a ( Full Answer )

What is better led TV or lcd TV?

so...The LED is going to be the latest and the greastest. The LED is going to give more of a brighter color off due to the side lighting instead of the lighting being in the middle of the picture. The LED are going to be more dynamic then an LCD. The LCD is still going to be a really good TV but wil ( Full Answer )

How can you use your LCD TV as a computer monitor?

Many new computers have either a DVI or an HDMI display port. These are the digital replacements to the 15 pin VGA connector that has been around for many years. Almost all new televisions have an HDMI input. If the computer has an HDMI output, then a simple HDMI cable should carry both video and a ( Full Answer )

How do i Mount a lcd TV in a TV niche?

There are a number of wall mount kits that allow a television to me moved towards and away from a wall. Using one of these allows the mount to be fitted, the television to be screwed to it and all the cables connected before finally moving the television in to the niche. The mounts vary from a few ( Full Answer )

How many watts does a 40 inch LCD TV use when it is on?

The wattage varies on every television and also varies with your settings like brightness and even volume because it takes more power to play louder. The power usage is listed in the user manual of the tv, if you do not have a manual you can get the information from the manufacturers website just ma ( Full Answer )

How many watts does a 42 inch LCD tv use?

It uses 111 watts. When a plasma of 42 inches uses 340 watts way more than a older television that would use 135 watts for 42 inches.

What is best a plasma TV or a lcd TV?

If you where to look at rating for the most reliable MFG of TV's it would be Panasonic. If you are asking about the best picture, then it is usually the most expensive models. I would have to say Samsung. Buy this falls on you as to the best picture. Find a store and check the picture before y ( Full Answer )

Which is a better LCD TV brand.. Samsung LCD TV or Sony LCD TV?

Both Sony and Samsung make several somewhat esoteric models of television for specialist markets and these perhaps don't need a mention in an answer as they are not likely to be ever seen in mainstream stores or catalogues. As specific models change rapidly, no mention of model numbers and prices ar ( Full Answer )

Which is better a plasma TV or an LCD TV?

LCD TV is better because plasma TVs use certain gas cells to produce the image and the TV can make the room feel like a furnace in just a few minutes, depending on the surroundings. LCD TVs take forever to get that hot.

Can lcd TVs be used as computer monitors?

In many cases they can be used as a computer display but it is important to check the user manual first. The simplest way to connect a PC to a television is using the HDMI port. HDMI is a television interface but it is compatible with DVI, the digital computer display interface. In most cases, a DV ( Full Answer )

Can you connect your laptop to your lcd tv using a VGA to HDMI lead?

Unfortunately you can't. VGA is an analog signal whereas HDMI is purely a digital signal. There are several ways to connect the two: First, many televisions have component inputs that will accept an VGA signal. If it does accept VGA, there will be 5 connectors marked R,G,B,H,V. An adaptor cable can ( Full Answer )

What is a LED TV and a LCD TV?

A LED tv is a LCD tv with LED backlighting. non led lcds have CFL backlighting or such (compact fluorescent LED tv's are different because they can be thinner and have a more dynamic brightness range (in general). The LCD means liquid crystal display and is just a type of display (opposi ( Full Answer )

Is it good to use system ups for lcd tv?

It depends on how much power rating the UPS can handle. But in most cases it cant handle the power requirement of a LCD TV. My UPS is 600KVA and mu LCD's power requirement is 120V. But it wont last even 5 secs on full UPS charge. Maybe its designed only for PC monitors whose power requirement is 30- ( Full Answer )

How many watts will a 32 lcd tv use?

The power consumption will vary with each manufacturer/model etc. Most 32" or smaller Flat screen TV's will use between 50 and 150 watts, which is 50% less than what Normal/Tube/CTR TV's use. There are four places to find your TV's exact wattage... 1) Is the back of your TV on the product informa ( Full Answer )

Why is lcd TV called lcd TV?

LCD stands for Liquid Cristal Display. It's the type of TV screen they use, as opposed to old tube screens of old days.

Is LCD tv more costly energy use?

When compared to a plasma, no. Plasma tv's use much more energy. However, LED technology is the most cost efficient.

Which is the latest TV technology used in LG LCD TV?

LG aren't using the latest technology in 3D. The passive glasses are polarizing lenses and operate in the same way that film based 3D movies have been doing for many years. LG have called this "Cinema 3D" in recognition of the fact it has come from cinema technology. The latest 3D technology is be ( Full Answer )

How is a plasma TV different from an LCD TV?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display and LCD TVs use liquidcrystals to give off their display while plasma TVs show display bythe technology utilizing small cells containing electricallycharged ionized gases (or what is also more commonly known asfluorescent lamps). And another famous difference is ( Full Answer )

Is a PDP TV the same as a LCD TV?

No. PDP is a Plasma Display panel, which is an entirely different technology than LCD or Liquid Crystal Display television.

What does the term LCD stand for in LCD tv?

LCD means liquid crystal display that is like a flat screen television with wide screen and great sound. It also has High Definition if available. Shows movies and shows in great quality.

What is better and lcd TV or a led TV?

Although it still depends on its technical specification, in the vast majority of cases an LED TV will be better. LED usually has a sharper image as each pixel is being changed individually by a different diode meaning that the picture also changes quicker and smoother. . LCD TV is also known as Li ( Full Answer )

How do you see videos on Sony LCD tv using pen drive - Pendrive?

this is very simple, 1.first of all u must know which video format sony TV supports, u can know it from manual of ur TV 2.convert ur video in to supported format by TV, save it into pendrive then plug pen drive in to USB slot of TV. (TV must be ON) 3. then press the special button which the ( Full Answer )

Which is durable led TV or lcd TV?

both are good reliable technologys leds last longer >100000 hours typically and lcds are not far behind but still last a long time

Can you use a 2.5A 125V cable for an LCD TV?

All televisions are supplied with a power cord suitable for the model. If, for any reason, a new cord is used, it is important that you confirm it is correct for the television. The manual should provide the information but if there is any doubt, for safety, ask the advice of someone properly qualif ( Full Answer )

How does a LCD TV differ from a regular TV?

An LCD TV is different from a regular TV because a LED tv is an LCD tv with LED backlighting. Regular tv's are non lcd so they have CFL backlighting. Both tv's are reliable and widely used

How are LCD TVs different from conventional TVs?

Conventional televisions use tubs to generate pictures on the screen. An LCD television has no tubes, it generates pixels directly on the screen which are backlit in order to make them visible.

How does an LED TV differ from an LCD TV?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, while LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LED televisions give the viewer better picture quality, higher pixalization, and do not require the backlight of a traditional LCD television.

How are CRT TVs different from LCD TVs?

CRT TVs are different from LCD TVs in the way the picture is build up on the screen.Electrons are being released with highspeed in CRT TVs to build up the picture while in LCD TVs liquid crystals make up the picture.

What wattage does a 42 inch LCD TV use?

The size of the TV screen is the most important criterion for TV power consumption. In Germany from January to May 2010, the average power consumption specified by manufacturers of LCD flat screen televisions was 123 watts for a 32 inch screen. For a screen size of 42 inches this figure increases to ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase a used Samsung LCD TV?

You can buy used TVs on Amazon as well as on eBay. Just choose the product you want and check if there are used products available. Don't forget to check the shipping costs because it could costs more then a new product.