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Yes, the engine can be installed and bolted up. But-- use a turbo ECU with a turbo motor, and a normal ECU for a normal motor. There will be small differences between the cars regarding wire harness install, and small emission bits. Try to preserve as much of the original configuration on the car as possible-- that is what the ECU is expecting.

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Q: Can a legacy engine be put into a impreza GL and use the ECU out of the impreza turbo?
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2006 impreza ecu?

What about the ecu?

Can you swap a turbo engine for a non turbo engine in a 92 eclipse?

Yes you can you will need to get the non-turbo engine, non-t ECU and wire harness. The wire harness and ecu are diffrent between the t and the non t.

To put a turbo on do you need to change the engine harness and ecu Eng was rebuilt with turbo parts 92 eclipse?

Yes it will make your life much easier to have the turbo ecu and harness. The turbo injectors have a resistor pack that the non-turbo engines do not use. So that would have to be manually wired in to use stock turbo injectors and ecu.

If you have a gst and get a knew engine with no turbo can you put one on after?

GST ECU is designed for turbo. you will have problems with ECU, but nothing that can't be resolved. It's a pain, but it can be done with minor motor mount mods.

How do you set timing on 1997 subaru impreza 2.2?

You can't, it's done automatically by the ecu (engine management system)

Can you swap a eclipse turbo engine into a 1991 Mitsubishi mirage?

yep need a dif ecu though

Where is the ecu located on a 95 eclipse?

It's not called a ecu it's called a PCM, On a non turbo it's located in the engine compartment behind the relay/fuse box.

Can you put a turbo on a non turbo 05 Subaru legacy?

Thanks to modern workshops, you can slap a turbo on pretty much anything. Just depends how deep your pockets are.. Go Pro, you'll need new exhaust headers and gaskets and rings and ecu... and more

Can ECU remapping damage the turbo?

Depends on how the ECU controls the turbo. If the ECU never lets the wastegate open, the turbo may overspin, which will damage it. On Audi/VW cars, a bad tune can cause an overlean condition, which melts the wastegate flapper door. This will cause your turbo to not boost.

On a 1985 Subaru turbo car will a non turbo engine without turbo charger work?

yes it will but you will need to change the ECU - computer that runs the car / timing / fuel and air ratios. hope this helps :)

How do you tune your ecu for a turbo?

An ECU will require a proper tuning computer system. There a several available on the market. Then the car will require a DYNO test to allow the engine's turbo to be calibrated according to the response of the engine. This allows for the best fuel, air, and spark readings.

Will your Volvo 850 Turbo Engine fit into a Volvo 850 GLT?

yes they are identical cars but you must do a complete swap (engine ECU as well) Kyle

Where is ecu located on 1995 import subaru impreza?

The ECU isn't under the Dash. its under the passenger's feet. you must lift carpet to see protecting shield once removed you will see the ECU.i know because i own a 95 impreza and maintain it myself.

Can you put a non turbo engine in a car that has a turbo engine in it?

The short answer is yes, but A LOT of things have to be swapped out. ECU, sensors, dash gauges, complete exhaust system. Your talking about putting in some time and money to make sure everything involved with the turbo taken out and replaced.

What are the turbo specifications for YD25 diesel engine?

hitachi variable vane on d22 running approx 15psi boost smaller turbo than d 40 which is a garrett and differnt ecu

What are the symptoms of a bad ECU for a 1988 turbo Supra 7MGTE?

When you turn the ignition on the CHECK ENGINE light will not light up at all.

Where is the ECU located on 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX?

In the passenger footwell fixed to the engine bulkhead. Lift the carpet from behind the glovebox and it is under a metal plate. ok

Can you put a 2.2L turbo engine in a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron?

of course you can i mean the engine bay allow it but you need to install the ECU and engine/injectors/ecu arnes as well and if you ,re going to swap from automatic to manual you'll need the transmission shock too. good luck!

What do you need to turbo a car?

A turbo, an intercooler to coll the engine as turbos produce a lot of extra heat, an aftyermarket ecu as the fuel map of your car will have to be tuned, a dyno as your car will have to be tuned on a dyno.Installing a turbo in a naturally aspirated engine will greatly reduce engine life as the parts are not designed to run at such high temperatures and pressures.

Can a turbo car be converted to non-turbo?

yes but you wil need good mechanical knowledge as you would need to do more than just remove the turbo and exhaust manifold the look up what is needed to turbo a car and thing of the process in reverse you wold need to remap the ECU remove turbo, the exaust piping would be changed to turn it in a non turbo and heaps or parts removed and replaced with non turbo parts i would not advise anyone to turn a turbo in to a non turbo as you can have presure issues with the engine and ECU remaping can be hit and miss

Does a 1986 300zx non turbo have a ecu?


How do you get more power on subaru 2.5 turbo engine?

cone/mushroom airfiter with heat shield remove cat from exhaust, map ecu

What if your 96 Legacy has no spark?

check the crankshaft and/or camshaft position sensors, if they are not working the ECU will not "see" the engine turning, therefore no need to spark..

Where is the ECU located on a 1990 Nissan 300ZX non-turbo?

The ECU is located underneath the wooden panel/ underneath the carpet on the passenger side, below the glovebox

Can i upgrade a 1998 non turbo subaru ecu to a more powerful one like a wrx 1998?

No. Turbo engines have different components than the non turbo engines have. Even if the Ecu connector matched at the ecu, the components that the non turbo lacked will set off a check engine light, setting the computer into limp home mode. Not to mention turbos run a more aggressive fuel map and different timing due to lower compression Your best bet, look up Rallitek in google and go there and get a piggyback system designed for your make/model/engine