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IF they have a JUDGEMENT for the balance due, they can garnishee your wages. Income taxes?? NO

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Q: Can a lender garnish your wages and income taxes after repossession?
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Is it legal in MI for the lender to garnish your income taxes?

Yes....but not your federal income taxes.

Is it legal in KY for the lender to garnish your income taxes?

noboby can garnish your income tax except for the government. Unless they take you to court. If they do that file chapter 7.

If you have vehicle repossession that is less than 3 months old can the lender or in this case collection agency file a judgment against your income tax return?

I found the answer to my own question as I contacted an attorney in my area...For those of you who would want to know the answer is NO. A lender or collection agency is not able to take your yearly income tax return if you have a deficiency from a vehicle repossession. The only thing they can do regarding your taxes is file a 1099 form if they chose to forgive the debt which would mandate that you report the amount as income on your tax return to which you pay taxes against it.They can however file a judgment against you and in some states can garnish your wages but that varies.Hope this helps.

Can the IRS garnish private disability income?

Yes, it can. Taxes owed are garnished from all sorts of income, unfortunately.

What is the percentage sallie Mae can garnish from you per garnishment?

Up to 25% of your disposable income. Disposable income is gross - taxes.

Can IRS garnish a 1099 employee?

The IRS can garnish a self employed or 1099 employee. If income taxes are not paid, the IRS has the right to attempt to retrieve them.

Can they garnish your income taxes in Virginia for car reposession?

Only if a judge makes such a ruling after a suit has been filed against you.

What taxes are higher corporate or income taxes?

income taxes

If your car is repossessed can they garnish your income taxes?

Not normally. They can however file a non wage garn and get your taxes when you deposit them into your checking or savings account. Usually only, government and state can withhold your taxes...i.e. back taxes, child support, student loans etc...

Can the state of MD garnish your bank account without notice because of your 2003 taxes if your only source of income is Social Security Disability?

No, they can't attach levy on SSDis benefits if that is your only sourec of income.

What is the difference between income taxes and state taxes?

Income taxes are taxes paid based on the amount of your wages and other forms of income, including but not limited to investment income, pensions, interest and dividend income, business income, rental income, etc. Income taxes are assessed by and paid to the federal government and, depending on where you live, also state and local governments. State taxes can come in many forms, including not only income taxes, but also property taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, excise taxes, business taxes, etc.

If you receive ssd and some income can creditors garnish wages?

In most cases NO. However, student loans, child support and taxes payments aren't exempted from granishment.

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