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Can a lender repo a car in Pennsylvania if the person is just one month and 7 days late on his payment?

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Check your contract for anything special, but I see no reason why they cant.IF you are in DEFAULT, YES, they can repo.

no you were more late then your saying I bet.

Legally, a lender may contract your vehicle for repo at midnight the day youre payment is due. Most wont, but legally they can reposess your vehicle the day after your missed payment

2015-07-14 15:52:50
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What if you could not pay for 3 or more months?

what if your 3-Month or more late in car payment will the lender still accepeted a payment

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You need to discuss that issue with your lender.You need to discuss that issue with your lender.You need to discuss that issue with your lender.You need to discuss that issue with your lender.

What are payment terms?

Payment terms are the arrangement that you have with your creditor for repaying the obligation to them. For example, if you borrow $100 USD, and you agree to pay the lender $10 each month until the debt is repaid. These terms ($10 per month until fully paid) are the payment terms.

If you make a down payment in the middle of the month and want your payments near the end of each month do you have to make a payment that month?

Talk to the lender to see if you can move your paments up to the end of the month. This would be undertandable enough for them, and they would probably go along with it. Make sure you get it in writing, though.

If your loan is transfered to a different lender do you have to pay that month?

In most cases, you should continue paying your loan payments to your current lender of record until you have been formally notified as to how and when to pay the new lender. If you skip any payments, you run the risk of incurring additional interest and payment penalties. When in doubt, contact your old and new lenders to confirm the payment switchover.

If you pay half of your payment at the beginning of the month and pay the other half at the end of the month can they still repo your car?

Depending on the lender, but usually they wont Repo a car unless you are 3 months delinquent.

Is the payment mortgage on the first of the month covers for that month?

The payment due for the 1st is for present month.

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If you paid a six month balance to the lender in one payment, they would be giddy. The lender does not want your car. They want your money. They will take your car, but only so it can be sold so they can put that toward what you owe.

What does monthly periodic payment means?

a monthly periodic payment is a payment made each month at a specific time each month. This can either be a payment made to an individual such as an annuity payment, or a payment made from an individual such as a loan payment.

What is a negative amortization loan?

In finance, negative amortization, also known as NegAmMort, is an amortization method in which the borrower pays back less than the full amount of interest owed to the lender each month. The shorted amount is then added to the total amount owed to the lender. Such a practice would have to be agreed upon before shorting the payment so as to avoid default on payment. Also known as deferred interest or Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM).

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What is considered a late payment to the credit agency?

== == If you are in an agreement to make monthly payments, on the same day each month and the payment is NOT received by the lender on THAT day, you are "LATE' Continual late payments are considered a bad sign as it indicates that you are not managing your money very well. When you get more than ONE MONTH behind, that is a further black mark on your credit history.

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Is it legal for a company to repo a boat for payment failure after a banrupcy reafrimation if the finance company refuses your payments and sends them back a month after they received the on time paym?

Lenders will demand payment in full after default after so many days. The amount of time varies depending upon the lender. After such time they will typically repo regardless if you send in the installment. See for more details about lender repo's. Lenders will demand payment in full after default after so many days. The amount of time varies depending upon the lender. After such time they will typically repo regardless if you send in the installment. See for more details about lender repo's

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When is payment due after buying a car?

Generally a month. Sometimes if you ask your bank or finance company to defer the first payment for an additional month they will.

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Can a person pay a dollar a month on a credit card?

I suppose you could pay just a $1 a month but if your balance is high enough that your payment is more than $1 you will be charged fees. Your payment is determined by the agreement you subjected yourself to when you accepted the card. If you pay only a $1 a month you will probably incur late fees.

How much is a BMW payment per month?

The payment for a BMW will vary depending on the credit terms, interest rate, and duration of the loan. A payment can vary anywhere from 450 to 900 dollars a month.

Can you be in default of your car contract if you make payments in advance and not by month?

Yes. Generally, you must make your payments each month as agreed in your contract. If you pay more in one month, the surplus will be credited as an extra payment for that month only and you still need to make the next month's payment. If you have extra money to pay on the loan your should speak with the lender to arrange to pay the extra money toward the principal. That will shorten the length of the loan and may result in a refund of a portion of the interest at the end of the loan.

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Can you sue for wrongful repossession of a vehicle when loan was paid in full over a month and a half ago?

Yes, if you have proof that your lender received your payment before your vehicle was repossessed. If you have this proof, you can sue them and get your car back and not be charged for any fees.