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If you purchased the car in full with cash then there shouldn't be a lien. Look at your paperwork to make sure it says "Paid In Full" if it does the dealer has no right to repossess a paid in full vehicle. A lien is where you are making payments for a vehicle and the vehicle is being used a collateral until the vehicle is paid off.

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What are dealer cash back incentives?

It can mean two different things, sort of. It can be either cash back to the dealer from the manufacturer for every car they sell, or it can mean cash back to the customer, sometimes from the dealer, sometimes from the manufacturer, for a purchase.

How do you get an auto dealer license in Michigan without SSN and can you pay the bond and insurance cash just like loan but cash?


Will a car dealer give you a better price on a car if you finance with the dealer rather than pay cash?

Nooo. In the car business "cash is king". When you finance a car the dealer loses profit to loan fees. Or if you are talking about financing through the dealership itself, buy here pay here, then it's still no. They would rather see all of the money up front.

Is there dealer cash of 2012 ram?

$400 right now

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What is the best way to get cash for my car?

The best way to get cash for your car is by trading it in at a dealer. This especially useful if you intend on buying a new car as the dealer may be inclined to offer you a good deal.

Can a dealer ask for a car back after it was purchased cash?

i dont think so only if the dealer gave you a full refund!

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go to a coin dealer or the bank. The coin dealer will pay more. the bank will only pay face value.

Where can someone get cash for their old car?

Someone can get cash for their old cars in many ways. They can bring it to a junkyard, or have it picked up, and get a lump sum of cash that way, or bring it to a used car dealer.

If I pay cash for new car should the money from cash for clunkers go to me or the dealer?

It has expired and per the iPhone App Conservative Talking Points:

Can you sue a car dealer for repossessing a car that wasn't financed?

If you paid cash for a car and the car dealer repossessed it, yes, you can probably sue the dealer. First contact the cops. Then, you might want to contact the dealer next. Keep records of everything.

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It's usually a cash transaction with a dealer. This is the standard method of making a score.

What documents do you get from a dealer when you buy a used car with cash?

You should get a bill of sale AND the title of ownership.

Do a dealer gave you the title when you buy the car cash?

In order to prove ownership you must have the title.

What does it mean when a dealer offers customer cash back?

Getting cash back at closing is exactly what it sounds like - receiving cash at the close of the sale or refinance of your home. To understand why a person might get cash back at closing, you need to understand the concept of equity.

How are loan receivables treated on the cash flow statement?

loan receivable is not part of cash flow statement as still no cash is received.

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What is cash consideration?

Cash consideration is when a loan or lending decision is made based on how much cash is put down. Those with bad credit can still get loans if they have cash.

Can the cash for clunker program money be diverted for child support?

No, as the money goes to the dealer that sold the car.

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