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A lien is a matter of public record and the credit bureaus will pick it up and add it to your record.

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Q: Can a lien placed by condo assoc on property that is paid for show on credit report?
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Can a Gym membership go on your credit report?

Yes, they will report to the credit bureau, but as the link I included below states, the Credit Bureaus know most Gym contracts are shady and will not post them to your report. Gyms get around this by having a 3rd party company do their billing, along the lines of the Golds Gym/Paramount Acceptance angle in the link above. Paramount Acceptance isn't a Gym so the Credit Bureau posts it without thought. Or the Gym can sell the remaining debt amount to a Collection Agency (my personal experience was with a "David Taylor and Assoc.") who then puts it on your report. If you dispute this with Experian or any of the other Credit Bureaus, state specifically it is a Gym membership and it should come off your report within a couple weeks. As always check your credit report, and not with freecreditreport or one of those, use which is a once a year free credit check through the reporting Bureaus themselves.

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How can a condo assoc have unpaid assessments show up in owners credit report?

Your assessments cover your share of the expenses that the association pays to operate and preserve the property that you own. If you enjoy the amenities without paying for them, essentially you're asking your neighbors to pay your bills. If you don't pay your assessments, you have an unpaid debt. Unpaid debts show up on credit reports. Read your governing documents to determine the board's responsibility to collect this debt. Usually, the board can file a lien on your title, and may even be able to sell your unit in order to satisfy the debt that you owe.

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Can you get personal liability insurance separate if your home is insure by NY property Ins Assoc?

OF Course, Just contact a local personal linesproperty and casualty insurance agent.

If the homeowners association foreclose on property how does your loan get paid to the mortgage company?

The mortgage company will get preference on the proceeds of the sale of execution. After they have taken their money the homeowners assoc will get their money

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Can condo assoc located in Illinois place in unit owners credit report unpaid assessments?

If you owe assessments that are unpaid, you are in violation of the financial agreement you made with the association. The association is required to pursue you to collect this debt. You can read your governing documents to remember your obligation to pay assessments, and understand the steps that your association will take to collect your debt. Your board can tell you whether or not this honest debt has been reported to a credit agency.

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