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Call a local attorney for state specific advice. They usually give a free "consultation".

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You voluntarily surrendered your car it was sold at auction then you were notified it was still in your name and found abandoned in Texas do you have any rights to further money from sheriffs auction?

I assume that you owed money on the car, defaulted, and the car was repossessed by the lender. At the time of auction, the title should have been transferred. The title should have been transferred when the car was sold. The auction house didn't handle the paperwork properly and will have a real mess to straighten out. But that does not entitle you to profit from the sale.

Auction Event?

form_title=Auction Event form_header=Hold an auction event to generate revenue for your company. Approximately, how much money do you estimate will be generated from this auction event?=_ When would you like to hold the auction event?=_ What types of items would you like to auction off? =_ How many items will be up for auction? =_

Can a company still try to collect a debt after the company has been closed?

Yes, both where the debtor is a company that is closed and where the creditor is a closed company. Debts have to be settled unless a formal bankruptcy is the reason for closure and even here the receiver will try to collect money to pay creditors.

Can a storage company auction off your stuff?

Yes, if you do not pay your storage bill, they will place a lien on your stuff and auction it. They are required to auction because it is more likely to bring fair market value. If they auction your stuff and it brings in more money than you owe, they are supposed to write you a check for the remainder.

How do you collect owed money from someone?

how do i collect money owed to me from someone in canada

Can a company collect money when you return the product?

Companies almost always can send the product back to the manufacturer for a refund.

What is your business?

When a customer's loan or bill goes into default the company that lent the debtor the money will try to collect the debt. Most debt collectors are from the actual lender or are contractors that have purchased the debt and will try to collect the money from the debtor with interest.

If you close an auction on howrse do you still get the money and the bidder get the horse?

No, if you close the auction on howrse you don't get the money and the bidder gets the horse.

What age can you collect money?

you can collect money at the age of 16, but you will be on a under 18's contract

What is a factoring company, and does working at one require a degree?

A factoring company helps a business make money by selling the business's accounts receivable (the money people own them) to other businesses. These businesses get these accounts for a discount and then get to collect the money when it is paid back. As for the degree, it depends upon what you want to do within the company.

Can you be sued if you let your mobile home be repossessed?

You can be sued by the finance company to recover any money still owed to them after they auction the repossessed mobile home.

Is good for company to make payment of something and collect from customer later?

It will defends on the situation,The advantages to make payment later to the customer.The company saving money or invest it to the bank

What's the difference between a foreclosure auction and a regular auction?

A foreclosure auction is a forced auction. The person who used to own the property being auctioned owed either the bank or the government money. For not paying the money back, their property is sold at auction to satisfy their debt. A regular auction could be anything and isn't necessarily to pay off debt, but usually to make a profit.

What was the most money spent at a slave auction?

The most money ever spent at a slave auction was in Savannah, Georgia at the Race Course. The total amount of money bidded was $303,850 which is about $6,700,000 now.

How do you add money to your cell phone to get collect calls?

There is a company out of NY who has developed a process for making collect calls to cell phones. They send an invoice by way of text messages directly to the cell phone. www.ttiorg.com

Can you sue a person who has no money?

You can sue anyone, whether they have money or not does not matter. What is likely to happen is that they will not have money for a lawyer and will not contest the suit. The court will issue a default judgment in your favor. Then you can try to collect on the amount. If they have no assets, there isn't likely to be much success in collecting. However, it is possible to get a seizure order or a garnishment to take their personal property and sell it at auction to satisfy the debt, or garnish their wages to collect the amount due.

What is b2b collections?

b2b stands for Business to Business. Collections is the collecting of money owed. So b2b collections would be something a group or company does to collect money owed by one business to another business. A b2c collections is when they are trying to collect money from consumers or customers for bills that haven't been paid to a business.

If your car is charged off how should you handle it if you don't have the money?

Wait until the account goes to collections you will be charged the difference between what was owed on the car and the amount the car was sold for at auction plus some legal and auction fees. The lender will try to collect the balance from you for three or four months then give up and sell the debt to a collection company for about six cents on the dollar offer them ten to fifteen cents if they will remove it from your credit report.

want to auction restaurant equiptment in one shot where do i find buyer?

If you hire an Online Auction Company, they do all the work for you. I sold my equipment this way, they handle everything for you. Doing it this way, allowed me the time to handle other things. I got my money within 3 days of the auction closing. I got more then I had thought I would.

Can your probate attorney collect his money through a probate account if you don't have money to pay him?

The estate is responsible for the fees. So, yes, he can collect his money from the estate.

What can you do to raise money?

Asking some one that what can he/she do to collect money.

Is priortyadvance payday loans a fraud company?

Yes they are a scam they will try to collect when you pay the loan off and lie say they never reach your money

What are advantages to creditors in case of note receivable than an ordinary account receivable?

Notes Receivable is a written agreement to pay at stated date and it is beneficial for company as if company required money before the actual date of then company can sell or give that notes to third party for collection at specified date and can receive money immediately from that third party for utilizing in business while under actual accounts receivable situation company has to wait till specified period of time to collect money from debtors.

What is a bachelors auction?

It Is where some place wants to raise money they will get the bachelors on the team to go to the auction you pay money and go on a date simple as that. And who knows maby you will hit it off!

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