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Can a loan company place a lien on a cosigner's home?

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They cant legally "threaten" to do do anything that they cant legally do, so the answer is YES, they can attach your home.

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Can a lien be place on someone's home?

Yes, a creditor can definitely place a lien on someone's home. In fact, a lien can be placed on anything that the individual owns.

How do you place a lien on company shares?

How can I place a lien on a non profit corporation who I have a contract with and who owes me money?

How do you put a lien on someones home without going to court?

How do you place a lien on someone's home.

Where do you go to place a lien on a home?

To place a lien on a home you must first obtain a judgment in court then you must record the judement in the land records where the property is located.

How long can a tow company place a lien on your licensr?

A lien can be placed on the vehicle after due process is followed according to the law in which the incident took place.

Can a creditor place a lien against your home if the statute of limitations expired?

No. The lien would be null.No. The lien would be null.No. The lien would be null.No. The lien would be null.

Can citifinancial place a lien on your home for non payment of a personal loan when they have a your vehicle as collateral?

CitiFinancial will not place a lien on your home if they have your car as collateral. They will place a lein on your car and you risk them having your car repossessed.

Lien against spouse not on title?

Can a collection agency place a lien on a home belonging to a spouse not on title?

What the difference between lieu and lien?

lieu means "place" as in "in lieu of" means "in place of" where lien means "hold". A person or company may put a lien on your property for monies owed them. They now have a stake on your assets.

What happens when a lien is placed on the property that you own and reside in due to the foreclosure of a rental property that you own?

You will have to pay off the lien at the time you sell the home you live in. If you apply for a loan based on the house as collateral, then the lien will be taken into consideration. I am not sure if your mortgage company is going to recognize the lien as being in first place should you also default on this home, or if there will be other issues with them.

Can creditor place a lien against your home in the state of South Carolina?

A creditor can place a lien on a property in South Carolina. This is to ensure their loan is paid.

Can you place a lien on a mobile home?

In BC, Canada you can. -Not sure about US.

Can a credit card company lien be removed if you don't pay?

The only way to remove an active lien is to pay it off. You cannot sell or mortgage your home until the lien is paid.

If you have two homes and the first home is foreclosed can a lien be placed on your other home?

In many states, the investor on the home that was foreclosed may ask a court to place a lien on the second home if they took a loss on the foreclosed home.

Can you lien a home in the Bahamas?

You can put 'a lien' on a home in The Bahamas.

Can a lien be placed on a home deeded with lifetime rights?

Yes, they can place a lien. The property still has value and the life estate doesn't effect that.

Do utilities have the right to place a lien against your property?

If you owe overdue utility charges the utility company can sue for payment and record a judgment lien if it prevails.

What happens to the lien on car when the company no longer exists?

If the company holding a lien on a car ceases to exist, its assets are usually bought up or inherited by another company. A lien is an asset, so the lien continues to exist and you pay the money to the new owner. If the lien is held by one company but the car manufacturer ceases to exist, the lien stays the same.

Can a home be sold when a lien is on it?

No a home with a lien on it cannot be sold. A lien gives first right to the property to the creditor.

Can sallie Mae place a lien on your home?

If you have a private student loan with Sallie Mae and it goes default and you don't pay it in full, YES they most certainly can place a lien on your house or your cosigners house AND they will. They can garnish pay, checking/savings, they can even place a lien on a professional license, meaning you can't renew it and continue in your field. If you have a cosigner and they die and your loans were in default they can go after anything your cosigner had as well. Sallie Mae is back by the federal gov't. so it's not like skipping out on your Discover Card, unlike most creditors, Sallie Mae can and will continue to follow you until you die and then it will follow your estate if you have anything of value.

Can an auto insurance company file a lien against your home for auto damages?

Yes--but only if they have a court judgment against you. In that case, they would have what is called a judgment lien.

If a credit card company has a judgment on you in Tennessee can they take your home if you own it?

no,,,,,,but they can put a lien on it,,,and when you sell your house,,it has to pay the lien amount,,,before you get any money from the house.

Does an insurance company have to pay the lien holder directly after an auto accident?

An insurance company generally does not pay the lien holder directly. The vehicle owner is responsible for paying for insurance coverage and will often deal with the insurance company themselves after a collision has taken place.

When can a creditor place alien on your home in kansas?

Creditors can place a lien on your home in the state of Kansas. This ensures creditors are paid an amount agreed upon in by the court.

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